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Time Management vs. Life Management

Life management and time management should go hand in hand. Combined, we will benefit from reduced stress and more efficient routines

Should our focus be life management or time management? Time management vs. Life management, what’s the difference?

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I’ve pondered these two questions, along with a few others, over the past few months. Specifically as it relates to our ability, as working mothers, to manage competing priorities. After much thought, some research, and engaging with other moms, I feel we should shift our focus from time management to life management.

Here are my initial thoughts before I dive into today’s post…

Time Management is our ability to manage our time and get to where we need to be when we need to be there. It also includes our ability to get tasks done in a timely fashion. To me, time management is reminiscent of managing deliverables.

Life Management is our ability to live a productive and organized life while handling everything life throws at us. Life management also encompasses our ability to set life goals, our decision making, and ability to effectively juggle competing priorities!


What should moms focus on?

Well, we should focus on both. For mother’s, we must learn to manage our time and organize our life goals into manageable components.

Focusing on time management ensures we meet time commitments. Life management brings the puzzle together. Combining the two leads to consistency, productivity, and most importantly for moms a stress-free environment.

How to increase productivity…

Here are a few tips:

  • Identify your priorities and handle them in order of importance
  • Plan your activities around important appointments (ie. Doctor visits, parent teacher conferences, etc.)
  • Focus on your strengths and leverage them to increase productivity
  • Have an “I can do it mindset”

What is productivity?

Productivity is how effectively someone accomplishes their tasks.

Benefits of increasing personal productivity…

  • Efficiency reduces stress!
  • You’re more likely to accomplish goals
  • Creates repeatable systems that become routines over time
clear glass with red sand grainer
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To wrap it up…

Life management and time management should go hand in hand. Both are extremely important. Combined, we will benefit from reduced stress and more efficient routines.

If you struggle with organization and planning which fuel our life management and time management abilities, I invite you to schedule a free consultation. Schedule your time HERE.

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