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Work-life Balance Tips for Mothers Working and Growing a Business

Top two planning tips and strategy advice for multidimensional moms working and growing a business. Proven work-life balance tips for mompreneurs,

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Planning Tips and Strategy Advice for Working and Growing a Business

Mothers working full-time while simultaneously building and growing a business absolutely must rely on proper planning, strategy, and an abundance of grace. I can share this with confidence because I am “that mom”. I have a fast-paced career in Corporate America, this blog, which is an integral part of my business, and my personal life. Life can get hectic.  Juggling competing priorities is a skill that evolves and develops over time.  I’ve learned a thing or two, so in today’s post, I am sharing my top two tips for multidimensional moms juggling a business and a career.

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The decision to start a passion project while maintaining a career (or full-time job) is the result of various aspirations.  For some, it’s the need for additional income.  For other moms, it’s the need for a creative outlet.  In some cases, it’s a need or calling to support ministry work or philanthropic endeavors.  The scenarios are endless.

Working and Growing a Business

Notice how I use the language, “passion projects”?  I refer to these endeavors as “passion projects” or simply “businesses” although “side hustle”, “side gig”, or “side job” are more common terms.  They are not terms I prefer. For Career Moms, I believe passion projects are more fitting because we’re purpose-driven and intentional Career Moms!  At the end of the day, whatever we call these endeavors, the undertaking to get these businesses off the ground, launched, and rolling requires a level of tenacity, grit, and more!

Would you agree?

Along my journey of working and growing a business, I’ve found myself constantly juggling family commitments, content creation, and my 9-5.  Not to mention how the 9-5 can sometimes become my 6-6. The decision to launch while working is not one that I regret but if I could go back to the earlier days, I sure would have made a few modifications.

Here are two helpful tips to encourage you on your launch and grow while working.

Maintain a “Catch All Planning System”

I love planning and I love planners.  I have a catch all physical/paper planner.  It’s the Simply Yours Day Planner from Planned and Proper.  I maintain this planner in addition to my Arrivista Planner that I use specifically for business ideas. This enables me to visualize my life and how my days work together.  Having a catch all way to see my commitments helps me to mitigate impediments before they creep up in my day. Simply put, I get a birds-eye view of what’s going on… and it’s so helpful.

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I also rely heavily on my Google Calendar. Literally, every email address that I have is linked to the calendar on my phone. I even linked my phone’s calendar to a shared email address that I have with my husband.  That way we can collectively avoid stepping on each other’s toes.

Whether you use pen and paper, an app, or a digital calendar, it is important to see how your life is intertwined so you can best organize your day.

Create an Effective Business Strategy

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Entrepreneurial success for moms who constantly juggle competing priorities hinges on planning and strategy. I encourage moms that I coach to set a foundation for their business that is scalable over time.  It may be helpful to phase your business growth in order to maintain forward momentum, to avoid the headache and heartache.  This will also help to reduce burnout.

I could bet money that moms in this situation are growing businesses that are connected to something they enjoy or an area in which you are skilled. The epitome of a passion project.  If we burn ourselves out, we’ll be more apt to throw in the towel.  Therefore, it’s important to work smarter and not harder.

Milestones, Metrics, and Action Steps

Ensuring that your strategic plan has milestones, metrics, and action steps create a roadmap for your goals.  Many of us have ambitious goals for both our career and our passion projects.  A success system that works great for me is tracking my to-do’s and my progress. It also gives me the opportunity to project manage my business deliverables and even some aspects of my day-to-day life.

In the next blog post, I will share tips on Project Management techniques for Mompreneurs.

To wrap it up…

Revisit your strategic plan as often as needed. As life evolves in other areas it may impact your progress towards certain goals.  Your catch all planning system will help you to visualize these ebbs and flows.  Sometimes, it may present an opportunity to pivot or accelerate progress.  Personal planning and strategic planning should include living documents that highlight your journey. 

If you struggle with personal planning and business strategy, I invite you to schedule a complementary strategy call with me.  Click HERE to learn more!

Happy Planning


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Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels.com

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