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Life Changing Impact of Affirmations for Working Moms

In today’s post, I am the life changing impact of affirmations for working mothers. Affirmations serve motivation to keep pushing!

How to leverage the power of our thoughts

Affirmations are a great way to increase motivation, increase your mood, and shift your perspective. For working mothers, affirmations can also serve as great reminder of how amazing we truly are!  Similarly, for mothers on the brink of becoming burned out, affirmations can serve as great motivation to keep pushing or to press pause in order to reset.  In today’s post, I am the life changing impact of affirmations for working mothers.

Impact of Affirmations
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What are Affirmations?

To me affirmations are positive statements that we write, say, or both to redirect our thinking, affirm and encourage. After doing some Google searching, I came across a 1988 study on Self-Affirmation Theory by Claude Steele.

“The unique prediction that self-affirmation theory makes is that people have a strong desire to maintain a positive self-image; therefore, when people experience a specific self-threat, they can overcome the unpleasant arousal associated with the threat by affirming an equally important, yet unrelated, aspect of the self. This can work to restore self-esteem even without resolving the specific threat.”


My take away is that affirmations can help us to overcome negative emotions and thoughts that threaten our belief’s in how amazing we truly are.

Life Changing Impact of Affirmations…

As mentioned above, affirmations boost and restore self-esteem. I also believe that our thoughts drive our emotions and our emotions can propel us along our journey or hinder our journey. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Where the mind goes the body will follow”. The exact origin of this saying seems to be up for debate, but it is something that I’m sure we have all heard.

I Wasn’t Always a Believer in Affirmations…

In all transparency, I wasn’t always a fan of affirmations. To be flat out honest, I thought they were just “fluffy”. Don’t judge me! This is a safe space. My top two strengths based on the Gallup Strengths are Analytical and Strategic. I also tend to be very self-motivated and haven’t struggled too much with knowing my self-worth. I felt that I did not need to repeat saying to mantras.

Now, my perspective is different. I have weekly affirmation and often include quotes, positive words, and affirming saying in my planners and on my social media feed. They have allowed me to level up my thinking and push much, much harder toward my goals.

To Wrap it Up…

I encourage all moms to find ways to leverage affirmations as they navigate their motherhood journey. They are helpful at combating mom guilt, stressful moments, and so much more. The positive impact of affirmations is endless when practiced consistently. If you’re not sure where to start, follow Career Mom Community on Facebook for some inspiration.

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