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Top 3 Things I’ve Eliminated to Save Time

Today, I am sharing the top 3 things I’ve eliminated to save time this year. These time saving tips are perfect for moms juggling it all!

Time Saving Tips for Moms Juggling it all

I’ve come to the realization that life is too busy for me to waste time being inefficient, unproductive, and a busybody.  I recently shared a YouTube Video discussing time saving tips and things that I don’t waste time on.  In all transparency, I’ve not completely masted time management, but I can honestly say I have come a long way.  Therefore, I’ve made it my mission to share my findings with other women so they can be inspired to keep pushing. Today, I am sharing the top 3 things I’ve eliminated to save time this year. These time saving tips are perfect for moms juggling it all!

Lessons Learned

The biggest thing that I have learned over the years includes the difference between planning and time management.  You can easily plan and create road maps that are well thought out, strategic, and intentional.  However, if you lack the ability to manage your time effectively, the road map is just a document on a computer, or in a planner, that’s nice to look at but yields no results.  Similarly, there is a difference between time management and life management. I shared tips on how to focus on life management in this post. Time Management vs. Life Management – Career Mom Community

Time Saving Lessons

I’m someone who takes lessons learned from scriptures in the bible.  As I was reflecting on things to eliminate and adjust the below scripture came to mind.  This speaks of being a busybody. 

For we hear that some among you are leading an undisciplined life, doing no work at all, but acting like busybodies. Now we command and exhort such persons in the Lord Jesus Christ to work peacefully and eat their own bread.

2 Thessalonians 3:11-12 (NASB)

The instruction is pretty clear, “to work peacefully” and not as a busybody.  I have personally experienced the stress that busyness can cause and aim to work peacefully.  


What I’ve Eliminated to Save Time

Based on my lessons learned here are the top three things I have eliminated to save time:

  • Busyness
  • Trying to do everything for my children
  • Complaining and cycling in disappointment
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I shared above that a busybody does not work peacefully.  When there is chaos you waste valuable time and it hinders productivity.  I am becoming more focused and strategic when it comes to my work and how I plan and structure my day.  

My encouragement to you is to let go of busy work.  Think about your top priorities and work towards living a disciplined life.

Doing Everything for my Children

I touched on this in detail in my Time Management Tips for Moms video.  You can watch it here.  In summary, I’ve learned when I try to do everything for my children it not only leads to burn out and feeling overwhelmed, it also robs them of the opportunity to learn diverse perspectives. 

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Complaining and Cycling in Disappointment

Complaining is a total waste of time in my opinion. I’ve been trying diligently to time box any meltdowns to one minute.  Expressing disappointment is natural, we are not robots who lack the capacity to feel emotions.  However, it’s important to develop personal resilience and the ability to recover quickly.  Mastering this skill leads to long-term sustainable success. 

To Wrap it Up

When you’re a mom who is juggling a number of priorities simultaneously, it’s important to be very thoughtful and strategic. Figure out the things that you need to eliminate from your life to save time and energy. These are my top three areas of focus now.  I’m sure they will continue to evolve as I develop new revelations and grow.

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