Work With Coach D

Hey, Mom! Have a genius idea you’d like to explore?

Let’s discover how you can grow forward!

I’m a strategist at heart! I’ve helped numerous mom entrepreneurs and emerging leaders through ideation sessions that I like to call “Think Tanks”. In this master discovery workshop, we will explore your idea(s) and the necessary strategy required to start executing towards your goals.

I also offer “Plan with Me” Coaching Sessions! Click HERE to learn more!

Looking for strategies to help you manage your finances, get/stay out of debt and build wealth? Click HERE to learn more about some amazing resources to assist you on your journey!

Other consulting services include:

Individualized coaching and/or consulting services

Business Profitability (Financial) Assessments

Business Launch Strategy

Business Sustainability Strategy

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Career Mom Community

My Story

I’m a wife and mom of four on a mission to show my kids, through actions and deeds, that “when faith meets works the sky is the limit”.

I have a fast pace career in Corporate America for a leading fortune 50 company in IT Finance. I’ve grown tremendously in my career over the last 5 years and fully embrace my position as a company Diversity and Inclusion leader (in addition to my day job). 

I also have a passion for helping working moms balance life, grow in their career and/or businesses and succeed. I turned this passion into a blog, social platform and coaching business called Career Mom Community.   Coaching and consulting comes more naturally to me. I’m analytical by nature and a strategic thinker who can see the big picture while uncovering opportunities and obstacles.

Juggling competing priorities and multiple schedules is hard work but I know some strategies that work and I’m willing to share!

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