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Starting the Day God’s Way

Here are ways in which I start my day God's way with the hope of inspiring you and encouraging you to do the same.

A Morning Routine that Includes God First

A great way to start the day is with the word of God. I know it sounds cliche but it really does make the difference. My morning routine has taken on many forms over the years but the most effective routines have been ones that start with prayer and time reading the bible. Today, I am going to share ways in which I start my day God’s way with the hope of inspiring you and encouraging you to do the same.

The Foundation of a Fruitful Day

One of my favorite scriptures is, Psalm 5:3 in The Passion Translation (TPT).

At each and every sunrise you will hear my voice as I prepare my sacrifice of prayer to you. Every morning I lay out the pieces of my life on the altar and wait for your fire to fall upon my heart.”

Psalm 5:3 TPT Psalms 5 | TPT Bible | YouVersion

This scripture is a psalm of David and his cry for help from the Lord (Psalm 5:2). In his cry for help, he lets the Lord know that every day his morning routine will consist of a sacrifice of prayer. Not only prayer but quiet time to hear from God. He refers to this as “waiting for the fire of God to fall upon his heart” (Psalm 5:3).

Fire in Scripture is considered consuming accordion to Exodus 24:17. In this verse, I believe it ushers in a place where we are consumed at the moment in the word and most importantly presence of God.

Why is starting the day God’s way important?

In short, starting the day in prayer takes our minds off our current situation and puts our focus on God, the one who is in control of it all. It also provides an opportunity to demonstrate faith and lean into hope. I find it refreshing when I start my day this way.

Prayer and Planning

In my previous post, 5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Day – Career Mom Community, I touched on the fact that I start my day with prayer and planning. Matthew 6:33 is a well-recited verse and I asked myself, I am living my life this way and following this order.

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Matthew 6:33 Matthew 6:33 KJV – But seek ye first the kingdom of God, – Bible Gateway

Seeking God first each day opens the door for God to do what he does best, fulfill his promises to us.

Planning and Journaling

Planning is important as well to an effective morning routine. Recently, I started incorporating the Daily Kairos Prayer Journal into my day. Journaling is a great precursor to organizing my day. It brings things back to my remembrance and helps me with prioritization.

About the Daily Kairos Prayer Journal

“The Kairos Journal was created to help busy Christians break free from distractions and spend more intentional time with God every day.” – Daily Kairos Website

I love that this journal has a recurring prompt and spaces to reflect in the morning and evening. If you choose to purchase this journal, please consider using my link below.

Purchase the Daily Kairos Prayer HERE!

To Wrap it Up

Starting the day focused on something other than the day ahead, helps redirect our focus from ourselves towards something bigger! Staring the day God’s way has been extremely helpful for me. It is in those moments of stillness, prayer, and reflection that I truly gain my strength and a great start to my day!

Share your morning routine in the comments below!

– Debranetta, Founder of Career Mom Community

Debranetta Howard
Debranetta Howard

Iā€™m passionate about teaching women how to balance career and motherhood through planning and prioritization systems so they can live an organized and stress-free life while accomplishing goals!

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