5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Day

There's something uniquely annoying about a rough morning so I am intentional about getting my day off to a great start.

Best ways to get your day going right

The first few moments of your morning can make or break your entire day. I know from experience. No matter how hard I try to rebound a ransacked morning can lead to a chaos-filled do no matter how many affirmations I quote or how much effort I put into getting back on track. There’s something uniquely annoying about a rough morning.

To keep my day from going south, I am intentional about ensuring I get off to a great start. Here are 5 ways to jumpstart the day.

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How I Start My Day

I start my day with prayer and planning. This is a helpful practice for me. It allows me to get my mindset in the right place before starting my day and will enable me to organize my thoughts. As challenging as it may be, I try my best to not browse social media before my prayer and planning time. This helps me to not overwhelm my day before it even starts.

The Importance of Planning

As a working mom with a fast-paced career and on-the-go kids, prioritization, and planning are my lifelines. It helps me to avoid the hustle and bustle while still ensuring each person’s needs are met.

To Wrap it Up

There are some things that we can do strategically to ensure that we get our day off to a great start. I always encourage moms who I coach to find their morning rhythm. We often focus first on morning routines because they truly set the tone for the remainder of the day.

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