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Simple Daily Selfcare for Career Moms

Selfcare is not just for the weekends. It should be practiced daily for maximum benefits. Here are 10 ways to practice selfcare each day!

10 simple ways to focus on self during the work day

I cannot stress enough the importance of selfcare. There are a number of benefits to focusing on self and incorporating ways to refuel and refresh.  I don’t personally view selfcare as a “buzzword” or trend.  Some platforms over-amplify selfcare to the point where is it fluff over practicality.  Not here! As a multi-passionate mom, I’m all about practical and simple daily selfcare. In today’s post, let’s discuss 10 simple ways to focus on self throughout the day.

Career Moms and Selfcare

Having a demanding career can be both rewarding and draining at the same time. I’m excited to push toward my career goals but it does come with a level of fatigue if not properly managed. My role can be very cyclical in nature. The first week of the month, I can expect high intensity, possible late meetings, and several competing priorities.

During these weeks, I brace myself for the chaos. On the flip side, I acknowledge that it’s temporary and wait out the storm until the tides turn and I can log off at a reasonable time or earlier in an effort to refuel.


This is my form of selfcare. Some may cringe at this approach but I find that it works for me. So may prefer a more steady flow and that is perfectly fine. But for many, it’s inevitable to experience ebbs and flow on an upward-mobile career journey.

Ways to Focus on Self Daily

Selfcare is daily care! – Career Mom Community

Selfcare is not just for the weekends. Selfcare should be practiced daily for maximum benefits.

Download the 3-Month Selfcare Planner to help you create YOUR effective selfcare routine! https://careermomcommunity.com/selfcare

10 simple ways to focus on self during the work day

  1. Schedule breaks during the day
  2. Journal during the day
  3. Create tasks list to stay organized
  4. Connect with peers and colleagues for light-hearted conversation
  5. Take a walk
  6. Eat lunch in a common area (not at your desk)
  7. Keep workspaces neat
  8. Listen to podcast, music, or sermons
  9. Maintain boundaries
  10. Ask for help and don’t suffer in silence

There are a number of ways to practice selfcare on a daily basis during the work day. It is also helpful to create a plan for selfcare overall. If you need help created your plan, check out the Career Mom Community 3- Month Selfcare Planner. This guide will walk you though created a selfcare routine that will work for you!

Happy Selfcare Planning

Debranetta, Founder of Career Mom Community

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