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Why Planners Will NEVER Go Out of Style

In the digital age, paper planners are still relevant and I believe every mom should invest in a planner that fits their style and personality.

In a digital age, planners are still relevant

In a world full of technological advances and digital transformation, paper planners will never go out of style.  Yes, it’s a bold statement and I absolutely feel it’s true for the foreseeable future. Planners in my opinion serve several functions.  They aid in organization, provide an outlet for creativity, and other memory retention benefits.  In the digital age, paper planners are still relevant and I believe every mom should invest in a planner that fits their style and personality.

Functional Benefits

I’ve discussed the benefits of planning and my love for planning here on my blog in the past.  I also share planning tips and inspiration over on my YouTube Channel.  I advocate for planning, particularly for moms, because I’ve witnessed my own life transition from chaos to coordination as a result of my life organization through planning. 

Top 5 Overlooked Benefits of Planning That Can Change Your Life – Career Mom Community

There are many ways that you can leverage a personal planner.  It can be leveraged for goal setting, time management, prioritization, budgeting, and more. 

Simply Yours Day Planner

One of my favorite planners is the Simply Yours Day Planner by Planned and Proper.  These are 12-month planners that start at any time of the year.

Career Mom Community - Simply Yours Day Planner by Planned & Proper
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I recently attended a workshop at the Durham, NC Public Library Hosted by the Owner of Planned and Proper.  The class was completely full of women eager to learn how to better plan their lives and organize their commitments.  We each received a planner and walked through a goal-setting exercise. Everyone was really excited to have received a new planner. 

Having a beautifully crafted planner provides a boost of confidence and hope in our ambitions!

Creative Outlet

Planners also provide a creative outlet.  Every now and again, I will create a decorative spread with planner stickers, washi tape, and all.  It’s actually very relaxing and takes my mind off the chaotic schedule of juggling work, three young children, and life in general.  It’s also very appealing to have a decorative planner spread.  It makes checking in on my schedule throughout the week that much more enjoyable.

Always Relevant

In the digital age, I believe, physical planners are still relevant.  I have found that writing things down helps commit them to my memory more than putting things in my phone calendar.  I appreciate the alert and reminders that my phone provides.  In fact, I leverage both my paper planners and digital time management tools (such as my phone calendar).

Plan with Me Coaching Sessions

My most favorite coaching service is my “Plan with Me” Coaching and Consulting service. This 1:1 service is designed to equip working mothers with tools and systems to accomplish their most daring personal and professional goals. Sessions can be tailored for career planning, budget planning, and personal development. You can learn more about this service HERE!

Happy Planning Career Moms!

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