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Selfcare 101 for Working Moms

Selfcare 101, practical selfcare tips for working moms juggling competing priorities. Here are quick wins for impactful moments.

Practical tips for working moms juggling competing priorities

Selfcare is not always self-explanatory. The term gets tossed around like a hot potato. The truth is, some of what we consider selfcare is more fluff than fruitful. As a working mom, juggling competing priorities and doing her best to prevent burnout, I’ve focused more on personal care over the past few months than ever before. In today’s post, I’m sharing selfcare 101 for working moms.

Selfcare 101

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As amazing women living our lives, running businesses, raising children, being wives, basically superheros, we rarely take enough time for ourselves. It’s time to finally prioritize “you” on your to-do list!

I was reading an article in Psychology Today, “Selfcare 101: 10 Ways to take better care of you“, and it’s so insightful.

Selfcare in essence is the mindful taking of time to pay attention to you, not in a narcissistic way, but in a way that ensures that you are being cared for by you.

Psychology Today Posted May 27, 2018 

Practical Selfcare Tips for Moms

As busy moms, we can leverage quick wins for effective selfcare. With the right intention and mindset working mothers and busy moms can create impactful routines.


Maximize the moment

When you have a moment to yourself, take it! I don’t care if its 15 minutes between meetings that you leverage to meditate. It could include 45 minutes while your children are napping that you use to stretch and complete a breathing exercise. Or, you can leverage the wait in the carpool line to read a relaxing book. Whenever you get a moment to do something impactful for yourself, take it.

Schedule Time

Make caring for yourself a part of your monthly plans and weekly routines. Additionally, carve out time daily to refuel your spirit and recharge.

Take a holistic approach

Focus on all aspects of wellness and personal care. In my 3- Month Selfcare Goal Setting Guide (click here to purchase), I share the 5 categories of selfcare. Tap into each category so that you won’t get bored and to benefit from creativity.

To Wrap It Up

Keep it simple sweetie! Remain intentional and do things that are beneficial for your well-being. Focus on getting the most out of the moment, scheduling time, and taking a holistic approach.

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