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Goal Setting

Goal Setting: How to Stay Consistent

Let's dive into a goal setting framework for ambitious moms to remain consistent with their goals. You can also listen to the latest Podcast episode for more tips.

A framework and mindset shift for ambitious moms

What comes to mind when you hear the word “consistent”? Let’s dive into a goal setting mindset that will help ambitious moms remain consistent with their goals.

One definition of consistent is “marked by harmony, regularity, or stead continuity free from variation or contradiction”. I appreciate that this definition emphasis steady continuity, meaning continuous action. This is how we should approach our goals. By taking consistent action we can move the needle and see tremendous progress over time. Continuous progress leads to lasting transformation!

As a purpose-driven individual, we can’t just sprinkle fairy dust on our goals and expect to see results.

Career Mom Community Goal Setting Framework
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Episode 3 of season 2 of the Career Mom Community Podcast was dedicated to managing goals and consistency. I shared a goal setting framework that will empower you to push forward through anything life throws at you so that you can accomplish your 2022 goals.

In this episode I discussed the SMART Goal framework, define consistency, and challenge the use of the phrase “inconsistent”.

Following the S.M.A.R.T goal format

Following the smart goal format helps to drive consistent execution. It ensures that goals are attainable and realistic. Further, when goals are both attainable and realistic you’re more apt to follow through. Click below to listen to this episode!

How to Stay Consistent with Your Goals| Episode 3, Season 2

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