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Practical Selfcare for Moms

Selfcare should be practical and effective. This article will focus on simple selfcare routines for on-the-go moms.

How to create a practical and effective selfcare routine

By now we all probably have a great idea about what selfcare is and why it is important. I’m not going to spend this blog post rehashing things we already know. In short selfcare helps to reduce stress and anxiety, improves mental fortitude, and our mood. Just to hit a few high points. The focus of this article will be to share practical and effective selfcare routines for on-the-go moms.

The story of my life, it seems like, is to run a million miles a minute. During the week there’s work, kids’ activities, prayer calls, business operations, and everyday living. Not to mention the times where I have committee meetings for the not-for profit in which I serve on the board, social engagements and the likes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not busy for the sake of being busy. It’s just how life has unfolded as a mom of four determined to walk in purpose.

My go to approach to managing my commitments is planning. Planning has multiple benefits beyond organizational benefits. For me, it’s a form of selfcare and I’ve heard other women suggest the same.

Forms of Selfcare

There are many forms of selfcare. I share an overview in the Career Mom Community, LLC 3-Month Selfcare Planner that you can purchase HERE. Planning is a form of practical selfcare. These are everyday task we can perform that support our well- being and ability to navigate life with ease.

Planning for me is also very relaxing. Brain dumps are a part of my weekly planning routine. Brain dumps help me to decompress. It is a great way to get thoughts and to-do’s out of my head an onto paper. I’ve also found that doing brain dumps helps to improve my focus and mood. I am less frazzled and stress when there are less thoughts swirling around in my head.

Learn more about Brain Dumps in this Video

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Creating a Selfcare Routine

In the 3-Month Selfcare planner that I mentioned above, I walk moms though a process to create an effective routine. It is important to create routines that fit your personality, preferences, lifestyle and available time.

The most practical thing moms can do is focus on themselves first by taking advantage of quick wins on a daily basis. For example, I wake up early in the morning so I can have dedicated prayer time, journaling and time to plan (or review plans). This is my routine. It is so simple yet so impactful.

We don’t have to overthink selfcare. The goal is to focus on practical activities that are both impactful and effective.

Check out my blog post, Selfcare 101 for Working Moms – Career Mom Community for more simple tips.

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