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Own Your Uniqueness in the Workplace

When we own our uniqueness in the workplace we feel confident in our skills and abilities thus enabling us to execute with better efficiency.

Increase your confidence and bring your whole self to work

I’m sure by now we have all heard the phrase, “Bring your Whole Self to Work”. The challenge is that many of us struggle to understand if our uniqueness is deemed acceptable for the workplace. However, we are constantly encouraged to show up as ourselves without fear of reproach.

In my opinion, when we own our uniqueness in the workplace we feel more confident in our skills and abilities thus enabling us to execute with ease and better efficiency. I’m certain that for the average professional woman, the one who is ambitious, educated, and purpose-driven, our whole self is more than acceptable. So show up and own your uniqueness.

In today’s post, I am sharing ways to increase your confidence and bring your whole self to work.

Be Authentic

Being true to yourself is the ultimate confidence booster. By definition, authenticity is the quality of being real or true (AUTHENTICITY | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary). Realness is one’s ability to not put on a facade or displace a false narrative or their true character.

Being authentic does not mean we disregard workplace appropriateness but it does mean that we show up in a way that is true to who we were created to be.


Gain Clarity

The first step to owning and embracing your uniqueness is by gaining clarity about who you are as individual. I believe it is important to give language to our characteristics and personality. It’s not about putting ourselves in a box or running to the latest personality assessment, we should be able to understand and define what makes us uniquely ourselves.

Growing and Evolving

We grow and evolve as individuals. I can honestly say the person and career woman I am today is different from the person I was 10 years ago. Life is a journey and we evolve as a result of our experience. Who we are at our core does not change (for most) but our preferences and our tendencies continue to be refined as we grow through life.


Show Grace and Expect Grace in Return

When I feel defeated and cycle in those feelings it hinders my ability to show up with confidence. The inverse is also true. When I make the conscious decision to show grace I gain confidence in my ability to bounce back from any situation.

We should also expect grace in return from others. Workplace culture has shifted over the years to a place where individuals expect and demand acceptance. We are all unique in a multitude of ways. In my mind, being my authentic self in every circumstance is acceptable.

Be Inclusive

Inclusivity invites personal confidence! When we value and embrace others it creates a mutually safe space for everyone. Think of it this way, no one wants to feel rejected, ostracized, or like an outcast. When the culture is inclusive it makes one feel confident to be their unique selves in the workplace.

How to Navigate a Lack of Inclusivity

It’s tough if we find ourselves in environments that lack diversity and inclusion. Toxic environments are crippling to one’s confidence and can cause individuals to retreat to themselves. In these types of environments options are limited but I would suggest leading by example and being the change you wish to see in your workplace.

Make no mistake, the journey may not be easy. By setting the standards of what is acceptable we can bring others on a journey to truly valuing others regardless of who they are.

Embrace Change

“The Only Constant in Life Is Change.”- Heraclitus. Embracing change creates a domino effect in a number of areas in our lives. Change creates growth and new perspectives which in turn boost confidence.

When we embrace change we give ourselves permission to grow, permission to pivot, and permission to be our most authentic selves! – Career Mom Community #boldbossmom

To Wrap it Up

These are five ways in which we can grow in confidence. In doing so it becomes more comfortable, over time, to show up in the workplace with confidence. If I can leave you with one thing, that is to be you. Be your most unapologetically authentic self!

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