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How to Create a Bankable Career Plan

Build a bankable career plan from the ground up with these 4 easy to execute steps. Your career plan should be purpose aligned and positions you to own your career.

A Proven Process for Ambitious Women Navigating Career and Motherhood

With all of the things on your plate to plan, mom, be honest, when was the last time you revisited your career plan?  Does it even exist?  Remember, this is a judgment-free zone.  In all honesty, I’ve been there.  I had a good grip on my schedule but planning for anything was lacking. Therefore, the career plan suffered too, until a mentor sat down and asked me where I see my career in the next 5 years.  She must have known it was non-existent because she asked me to create one before our next meeting.  

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In today’s post, I am sharing how to build a bankable career plan from the ground up.  This is not just any career plan, it’s one that is purpose aligned and positions you to take hold of your career so that you can earn the salary you deserve and do the things you enjoy. 

Why Having a Career Plan is Important

The steps to creating your career plan are simple; they just take time.  It is important to invest the time doing the foundational work so that you can reap the benefits along the journey.  I am a firm believer that our career is a journey that is ever-evolving.  Just like I believe purpose is not a destination, our careers are not destinations.  Yes, you may land your dream job but where do you go from there?  


Having a plan helps to guide your decisions.  It also keeps you grounded as it relates to your overall goals.  Your plan should remain fluid. We are all subject to pivots brought on by industry changes, technological advances, economic impact, workforce redesign, and other external factors. However, when life throws those curveballs, you will have a point of reference to help pivot your process. 

5 Steps to Career Success for Working Mothers – Career Mom Community

Developing Your Career Plan in a Few Simple Impactful Steps

Build a bankable career plan from the ground up with these 4 easy to execute steps. Your career plan should be purpose aligned and positions you to own your career.

Step 1 – As you are developing your career plan, I invite you to start with inner work first.  Take some time to evaluate you your desires,  your skills, and your long-term goals. By taking the time to journal these thoughts, you set yourself up to craft a more impactful roadmap.

Step 2 – Research career options to understand what’s available and what aligns with your desires, skills, and goals. Don’t forget to include salary ranges. 

Step 3 – Set smart career goals. It’s important to allow your career goals to guide the career plan that you create.

Step 4 – Steps 1-3 set the foundation for what will ultimately become your career roadmap.  Your career plan is a living breathing document.  Ensure you create your plan digitally so you can easily share it or component of it when necessary. Your plan should include your action steps and tasks needed to move you towards your goals.  Be specific and include a timeline to drive accountability. 

To Wrap it Up

This process considers you, your goals, and the market.  It’s proven that your chances of success are much higher when you translate your goals into action steps. If you invest the time to go through this process, you can expect to create a bankable career plan.  It ensures you are growing toward your goals and earning the salary you desire and need for your family.

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