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Setting Career Growth Goals

In today's post, I will share the importance of goal setting and its impact on your career.

The importance of goal setting and your career

If you are a mom on a mission to accomplish goals in your career, I encourage you to have clearly defined growth goals. Goal clarity leads to success. Couple clarity with a well-defined roadmap and you’re well on your way. In today’s post, I will share the importance of goal setting and its impact on your career.

Goals are our guides

I believe that goal setting proceeds with planning. We should set goals prior to creating plans and road maps. When you are setting your career goals you can also follow the Career Mom Community, LLC Ultimate Success Formula.

Flow in Excellence every step of the way!

I did some deep self-reflection at the end of the year. At that time, I felt as if I was on a never-ending job search. I knew I could do more. I also desired to do more and to perform at a much higher level. Yet my desire was yielding limited results.

After meeting with some mentors, gaining clarity, and doing some much-needed soul searching, I redefined my career goals. From there, I curated my strategy and put a solid plan into action. This framework led me to the position of my dreams.


Although this is not my final destination. There are other career goals I would like to accomplish but for now, this is a wonderful position to grow in.

Creating a bankable career plan

I wrote a few other blogs about career planning. The excerpt below is my current favorite.

Having a plan helps to guide your decisions.  It also keeps you grounded as it relates to your overall goals.  Your plan should remain fluid. We are all subject to pivots brought on by industry changes, technological advances, economic impact, workforce redesign, and other external factors. However, when life throws those curveballs, you will have a point of reference to help pivot your process. 

How to Create a Bankable Career Plan – Career Mom Community

To Wrap it Up

I encourage you to leverage the framework attached on your journey to career success. Remember your career is a journey with lessons and milestones along the way.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching Services are for you if:

  • You are ready to shift your mindset and build a bankable career
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  • You are seeking a coach who understands the complexity (and joy) of navigating a career and mother
  • You are ready to finally gain the recognition and the compensation you DESERVE!

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