5 Steps to Career Success for Working Mothers

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How to thrive in your career in 2022

“New Year, New Opportunities” is a saying we hear on repeat around this time of year. The transitional nature of going into a new year often serves as an anchoring point for new goals. Some even leverage this time to refine their outlook on life. Would you agree? In today’s post, I’m sharing ways in which working mothers can thrive in their career all year long. This post will highlight five (5) important steps to career success for working moms.

5- Step Process

  1. Reflect on your prior year
  2. Assess your professionals and personal priorities
  3. Determine your investments
  4. Set your goals and create your plan
  5. Communicate your goals and needs

Reflect on your prior year

A very important step to career success, that many often miss, is reflection! Reflecting on your prior year, the good and the bad, allows you the opportunity to develop more impactful future goals.

When it comes to our career goals as working mothers, it is important for us to take into consideration changing needs of our family and changing interests. It is also important to assess any changes in your respective industry. Take these changes and any new discoveries into consideration. This will prevent you from setting outdated goals. Furthermore, it prevents you from setting goals that are not purpose-driven.

Assess your professional and personal priorities

Working mothers constantly juggle a number of priority conflicts. Additionally, our priorities shift as our family dynamics shift and personal interest shift. For this reason, I am an advocate for planning holistically. For working mothers, our career success is contingent upon our ability to navigate our motherhood journey and career journey simultaneously.

To thrive in our career, Career Moms must move from constant survival mode to effective planning mode.

Determine your financial investment(s)

For many Career Moms in the marketplace, employers offer benefits that fund professional development and professional growth. It is important to understand what your company contributes and what you are willing to invest to offset any differences.

If you are reading this and you are an entrepreneur (“mompreneur”) or someone who is launching a business while working, the same would apply. Remember, we have to invest in our success!

Ask yourself:

  • What certifications are needed?
  • What educational investments would enable career growth?
  • What professional development opportunities would be beneficial?

Set your goals

Set your goals in a SMART goal format or similar. This framework for goal setting is tried and true because individuals who are intentional see results and impact. It’s best to work through the tips outlined above to give more direct to your goals. In doing so, you will notice more coherent goals.

I am a pen and paper planner. I love lux journals and elegant planners. You can check out my 2022 Goal Setting Tips in this video.

Communicate your goals and needs

Finally, communicate to your stakeholders, leadership, accountability partners, family, and trusted friends. For moms, this step is crucial to our success.

Why? Because it allows us to solicit the support we need to navigate competing priorities. Communicating goals to others invites them along on our success journey. You’d be surprised by the number of, “how can I help” heartfelt invitations you’ll receive when you simply share and ask for assistance.


In conclusion, these steps are foundational for purpose- driven women navigating career and motherhood. This journey (for working moms) can present challenges. However, I’m convinced with the right systems working mothers can thrive in their career.

Is this you? Are you a working mother who is struggling to balance the competing demands of motherhood and career? If this is you, I invite you to schedule a consultation and learn more about Career Mom Community 1:1 coaching services. Click HERE to schedule a complimentary discovery call.

This mom blog features practical tips and tools to help working mothers juggle family life, career, and business. I am a multi-passionate mom who enjoys inspiring other purpose-driven women to balance, grow, and succeed in life.

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