Spring Wardrobe Essentials for the On-the-go Mom

In my opinion, fashion should be fun.  For the on-the-go mom, comfort, style, and easy to wear looks are essential to our spring wardrobe.

Fashion should be fun and functional for busy moms

Spring is in the air, and I am so excited.  What about you?  Spring is my favorite season because it represents new beginnings. When I think of spring, I think about flowers blooming, breezy days, and butterflies to name a few.  I also think about spring fashion! In today’s post I’m sharing some of my wardrobe essentials for my on-the-go mom life.

The Life of an On-the-Go Mom

Life as an on-the-go mom is complex and full of scheduling magic.  For me it can encompass everything from soccer shots to daycare pick up. Not to mention navigating my own busy schedule of meetings, coffee chats, and bunch. When I’m running a million miles per minute, comfort is essential. 

Spring Wardrobe Staples

Transitioning from winter to spring here in North Carolina, is interesting.  Some call it “Sprinter”.  Have you heard of this term before?  It’s the months between Winter and Spring where the weather is unpredictable for either season. 

Spring Wardrobe Essential #1: Transitional Pieces

Items that are functional for mixed weather moments are essential.  I love the look below.  It includes a pencil skirt, open toe slingback boots, and my all-time favorite a denim shirt. 

Career Mom Community Work wear for Winter Spring Transition
Work wear for Winter Spring Transition

Spring Wardrobe Essential #2: Graphic T’s

Graphic T-Shirts are fun and a great way to add a creative element to your outfits.  They pair well with jeans and are perfect for dress down days at work or when you are out and about in the community.

Career Mom Community Mom On-the-go fashion trends
Shirt from – Good Steward Apparel
Mom On-the-Go Lookbook with comfortable Converse kicks!

Spring Wardrobe Essential #3: Jumpsuits

I talked about jumpsuits in my post, Level-up Your Wardrobe with these Black Owned Brands – Career Mom Community.

Jumpsuits are fun and easy to throw on and off you go! 

Career Mom Community Mom On-the-Go Lookbook
Enjoying a selfcare moment – roof top dining

Spring Wardrobe Essential #4: Crossbody Bags

As a mom-on-the go, crossbody handbags are a lifesaver.  They are extremely functional, and I remain hands free.  I simply cross it over my shoulder and I’m off exploring, chase kids, or live my best life. 

Last year, I found some beautiful spring colored crossbody bags at Nordstrom.  I did not purchase and had a sense that I was experiencing F.O.M.O (Fear of Missing Out).  Now I live with fashion regret.  Not this year! I know what color I am looking for and frequently check the Nordstrom App for new arrivals.  Let me know your favorite colorful crossbody bag in the comments below. 

Enjoying a “Momcation” – I enjoy traveling and share travel planning tips on YouTube

This picture was snapped in Las Vegas, and I cannot wait to hit the Vegas streets again in the future.  

To Wrap it Up

In my opinion, fashion should be fun.  For the on-the-go mom, comfort, style, and easy to wear looks are essential. For me, it’s the throw on and go look that make all the difference.

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