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Always Hold Your Leadership Accountable to Manager Touchpoints

Let’s have a conversation about why frequent 1:1's are an important component of your career journey.

Why 1:1’s with your manager are important for career growth

When was the last time your 1:1 with your manager got cancelled?  How did that make you feel?  Reflect on that experience for just a moment but not long enough to settle into your spirit as frustration.  I invite you to brainstorm ways in which you can hold your leaders accountable for your career growth through 1:1 session. In today’s post, let’s have a conversation about why frequent manager touchpoints are an important component of your career journey.

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Communicating your career aspirations and career accomplishments are critical components to professional growth.  If you currently don’t have a cadence for touchpoints, I encourage you to schedule them or submit a request. Standing cadences with your manager discussing your performance will help you to excel in your career.    

The best manager I had scheduled weekly 1:1’s with his team.  Granted some weeks were skipped if nothing was going on, but my success in that role was as a result of constant communication.

Here’s why 1:1s are important and why you shouldn’t take them lightly:

You and your work remain relevant

When leadership is making decisions about career advancement, opportunities, and/or special projects, you want to be considered.  Simply put, you want to be top of mind!  Team members who don’t follow up and follow through communicating their accomplishments and work easily fall through the cracks.  One on one’s, skip levels, touchpoints, whatever you want to call them, keeps your contribution relevant and in thought. 

You can pivot and adjust in real-time

Having a standing touchpoint allows you to adjust based on relevant feedback.  How frustrating is it to work towards something that no one intends to use? How frustrating is it to miss out on an opportunity because you found out too late?  Touchpoints minimize delays and keep you in the know. Additionally, it’s an opportunity to ask questions and overcome roadblocks capable of hindering your performance. 


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Document your meetings and always send a follow-up. Recap the discussion and next steps as this provide “air cover” if something goes left and credit when something goes right.  Documenting manager touchpoints also makes it easy at year-end to write personal performance evaluations and ensures that you are not missing out on key accomplishments. 

Relationship Building through Manager Touchpoints

Having a positive, or at least amicable, working relationship with your manager is beneficial for growth.  I believe when we engage with our leadership through monthly touchpoints and hold them accountable it indicates that we are invested in OUR career.  Leverage it as an opportunity to discuss growth and don’t just focus on current performance.  Frame the conversation to talk about what you are working on and how you can take it to the next level!

To Wrap it Up

This goes for you too, MOMpreneurs.  It is crucial to have a dedicated mentor that you frequently meet with for similar reasons as above.  

So, the next time you have a 1:1, use the time to your advantage and get the most out of the meeting.

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