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The Stress of Being “Super Mom”

Creating the necessary balance to navigate working mom life is hard, but it is doable when we let go of the stress of being "Super Mom".

In our household, we love comics.  My favorite movies and shows include Black Panther (of course), Hawkeye, and Captain Marvel. I have a few close contenders but that would make this post extremely long. As much as I wish I had Black Widows strength and could channel my inner Dora Milaje, I realize that’s for the movies. Over the years, I have come to the realization that being “Super Mom” is super stressful.

I had to face the reality that being a super mom contributed to unnecessary stress. Trying to be all things to all people but myself hindered my ability to care for myself and give the needed attention to my own goals.

Creating the necessary balance to navigate working mom life is hard, but it is doable.  Now, I focus on what matters most based on the season of life my family and I are experiencing.  That is the key to success.


Here’s how to retire the cape and focus on what’s needed in a given moment.

  • Start with your overarching goals and break those down into manageable pieces
    • Evaluate the needs of your current season (this includes work assignments, kids’ activities, etc)
    • Work your goals into your day-to-day life activities
    • Be structured enough to get things done yet flexible to pivot when life throws you curve balls (yes, love, the curveballs will come)
    • Be intentional with the additional work and tasks you take on

I know it’s challenging to navigate and juggle competing priorities.  I’ve not mastered the craft, but I’ve gained some momentum and wins along the way that I’m always happy to share.

In this video, I not only share 10 Things I Don’t Waste Time On, but I also talk about overcoming Super Mom Phenomena.

No More Super Mom

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