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Creating Monthly Social Media Content

Consistent social media content is key! In this post, I share ways to create consistent content as a busy mom entrepreneur.

How to create consistent content for busy mom entrepreneurs

Creating and delivering consistent content that resonates with your target audience is a crucial component of successful entrepreneurship. I constantly remind myself that products and services do not sell themselves. It is up to us as entrepreneurs to maintain a consistent flow of content to keep our target demographic engaged. Consistent content also helps to acquire new customers and to bring awareness to our businesses. For busy moms, the kicker is that finding time to create content can be challenging. Not to mention how exhausting it is to stay organized and productive.

In today’s post, I will share ways to create consistent content as a busy mom entrepreneur, and working mother.

close up photography of smartphone icons
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Consistency is Key

As I write this blog post, I am on day 44 of my daily blogging consistency challenge. This is a challenge that I decided to do myself, it’s not a part of a group or other initiative. I decided to build up my content repository and deliver meaningful and life-changing content for working mothers.

In addition to this purpose-driven motive, I also acknowledge that content is king in the world that we live in today. In order to grow a business or platform, there needs to be a steady flow of content to keep up with the ever-shifting demands of social media.


From my experience, I’ve also come to realize that there are dedicated audience members who enjoy reading my post and engaging with me on social media. It is my desire to foster these types of relationships in order to build an active community of purpose-driven Career Moms!

Content for Social Media

Social media content varies from platform to platform and takes shape in several different ways. In addition, the strategy needed to be successful also varies depending on the platform as well.

My personal strategy takes into consideration:

  • My personal preferences
  • The specifics of the social media platform(s)
  • The audience I am engaging with on the platform
  • My capacity to deliver quality content
  • My desired outcome (ie. sales, engagement, awareness, etc.)

Once I have an understanding of my strategy, I great my plans. In the video below I walk through how I create my monthly content.

Check out the video and leave me a comment with what you found the most helpful.

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