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Level-up Your Wardrobe with these Black Owned Brands

Let's discuss ways to level up our wardrobe with some amazing black-owned brands. I am sharing great finds and my luxury brand wish list!

How to look chic for your return to office

Reality hit me that I will eventually return to an office and in-person events more frequently.  I’ve dipped my toe into a few coffee chats, meet ups, and events lately and although still virtual, have gone into my work office.  I know for some, returning to the office is in full effect.  A special acknowledgment to those who worked in “essential” roles throughout the pandemic. In today’s post, let’s discuss ways to level up our wardrobe with some amazing black-owned brands.

I love statement pieces that enhance my look.  My hack is to keep the base items simple and to level up my look with layers, style enhancers, and accessories.

Yaa Chic – A brand for Purpose-Driven Women

I have a few items from the brand Yaa Chic.  Their items are amazing designs, colors, and fabrics. I love the vest pictured below because it is functional.  It’s great for the mom on the go and would level up dress down Friday.

Out and about in Atlanta, GA

Here’s a little about the brand.  The mission of Yaa Chic resonates with me and I believe it will resonate with you as well.

Yaa Chic is the expression of purpose-driven women making a bold statement in life through purpose and fashion. She is the representation of the African diaspora of strong, intelligent and resourceful women. Yaa Chic is a private label and a marketplace that highlights the amazing creatives in West Africa.

Yaa Chic

Nordstrom Black-Owned & Black Founded Brand Collection

I have loved shopping at Nordstrom for a few years now.  Their customer service and the active stance the company takes on equity and inclusion is admirable.

Check out this jumpsuit from Dairrablu. It is absolutely stunning.  It is versatile and can be a perfect transitional piece from work to happy hour.

DIARRABLU Umy Jumpsuit | Nordstrom

BONUS – Hidden Gems at Your Local Market

Believe it or not, I have found some gems at my local Farmers’ Market, Vendor Fairs and Craft Shows.  I’ve worn this dress during several cultural celebrations and outings.

My Shopping Wish List – Black Owned Luxury Brands

I keep a wish list of items on my phone and in my planner.  This wish list includes a variety of brands.  Here is the amazing black-owned brand on my list.

White Space – This is a jewelry brand that I have been eying for some time.  I discovered them during black history month a few years ago.


Yvonne Kone – This brand features Italian leather handbags and shoes.  My wish list includes anything they are offering at the time that fits my budget and peak my interest. 

Yvonne Koné (yvonnekone.com)

To Wrap It Up

I’ve always heard “fashion should be fun” and I agree. I hope that you will support and check out the black-owned brands mentioned above.

Happy Shopping,


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