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Mompreneur Tips

Prioritization Tips for Mompreneurs

Here are some ways that women entrepreneurs can lead productive and stress-free lives through purposeful prioritization.

How to get more done and minimize stress so you can build your dreams

Mompreneurs lead busy lives. Especially the mom who is launching and growing a business while working full-time. I know from experience that the nights are long and the mornings are early. The most effective way that I have found to navigate this journey is through prioritization and proper time management. In today’s post, I will share some prioritization tips for mompreneurs and ways that women who are launching and growing while working can lead productive and stress-free lives.

Purposeful Priortization

To me, prioritization is the act of arranging things in order or importance. When you look up priority in the Online Websters Dictionary, the third definition really stands out. Priority Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster

Priority – “something given or meriting attention before competing alternatives”.

Let’s lean into this definition of priority. “Meriting attention before competing alternatives”. To me this speaks to how to determine task to put on the to-do list for a given period of time. Based on this framework individuals should be able to narrow down their activities purposefully. The key metric that guides our selection is based on what merits attention in that moment.

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Productivity Tip

Staying productive can be stressful for entrepreneurs navigating motherhood and other competing priorities. I have found the best way to navigate my commitments is through efficiency hacks and time block planning techniques.

Another way to get things done without added stress is by reducing task switching and multi-tasking. I do my best to set aside dedicated time for specific activities. I focus on multitasking ONLY for low thought processing activities. For example, while waiting on my girls at dance, I can can catch up in work or read a book.


Business Management

In terms of my business, I connect my overall strategy and goals to my daily activities. This focus helps me to get more done while managing the stress. It is also my guide to navigate what I can defer or decline.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning helps me to create specific business task to execute upon each month. You can check out the video below for addition tips on how I priortize my business activities.

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