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How to Have Structure and Still go With the Flow

Routines are great but sometimes it is helpful to just go with the flow.

How to handle unexpected events in life

If you’ve followed Career Mom Community for a while, or if you discovered me through Social Media, you know I am a planner mom! I love planning, productivity, and life organization. But when I tell you this has been a season of unexpected events for my family and I, I really mean it. I’ve perfected an entirely new skill in this season, how to have structure and still go with the flow. Let’s talk about these life lessons, shall we?!?!

Expect the Unexpected

Growing up, my parents used to say, “expect the unexpected”. Particularly concerning life, they would often teach the importance of being about to adjust to one’s surroundings and whatever life throws at you. The truth is, we cannot predict everything that will occur.

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These past few years, society has experienced several unexpected events that have reshaped how we live our lives and execute even the most simple tasks.

Creating Structure in Chaos

Sometimes, I’ve found that I have to go with the flow. During the days when I have to push my routines and plans aside, I realize that going with the flow is the best approach.

The beauty about creating routines, however, is when I need to or feel like I need to go with the flow, my routines are my anchors. For example, my daughter fell behind on some of her lessons so it was all hands on deck to get her caught up. I had to forgo some of my other plans in an effort to get her back on track. As the few days progressed I was able to gradually get back to my plans.

You can read about my Mommy Mornings: Creating a Morning Routine – Career Mom Community here!

I’ve learned that you can still have structure and grace to go with the flow when needed.

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