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Motherhood Lessons: How to Accomplish Your Biggest Goals in Life

Building anything great requires 4 key elements. In this post, I walk purpose-driven moms through things needed to accomplish big goals.

4 qualities needed to build something great

Watching my children brings to light a number of life lessons. On our recent trip to Walt Disney World, we assembled custom Astromech Units at Hollywood Studios. I will link that video below. While we were there, I watched their level of focus and intentionality as they assembled their droids. They were so excited about the expected outcome… something great!

This moment reminded me that when you’re “building”something significant, regardless of what it is

  • a successful career…
  • profitable business…
  • an iconic brand…
  • an impactful ministry…

It is going to take time and the essential elements are discussed below.

Career Mom Community at Walt Disney World
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What will it take to build something great?

Building something great requires intentionality, patience, creativity, and strategy. Combined, these characteristics are the recipe for success and MOMentum.


When I am intentional about something it means that I have clarity about why I am doing something and the overall purpose of my actions or tasks. As I watched my kids I could see that they were engaged and asked thoughtful questions to ensure their understanding and that they were following the instructions correctly. They understood if they wanted working droids that they take back home and play with they needed to be tapped into what they were doing.

I also observed that they did not allow distractions to divert them from their building process. If you’ve ever been to Walt Disney World, you probably understand that it can be overwhelming and there is often a lot going on.

When it comes to our pursuits we must operate with a level of intention to accomplish our goals. Building a business as a busy mompreneur requires being intentional with time. Building a business while working full-time, similar to what I am doing requires a heightened awareness of productivity and time management.


If you don’t know by now, goal attainment often requires patience. “Our willingness to wait reveals the value we place on the object we’re waiting for.” ~ Charles Stanley. While waiting for the units to activate (ie. turn on) each child waited patiently. You could see the joy on their faces. They waited with wide eyes knowing that soon they’d reach the goal – a fun toy they could play with.

I’ll speak for myself waiting is challenging even if I know the result is something great. As I was going through the process of applying for a promotion, I was confident that it would happen but not knowing when caused a certain level of anxiousness. Can you relate?

Eventually, I reached a level of maturity where I embraced the waiting season. It was during that season that I reassured myself that “my time is coming and I must be patient”. Or affirmations such as “I will accomplish my goals”. And ultimately, it did!


Creativity opens our minds to new possibilities. For me, it gives me a unique lease to create or ideate new and original content ideas. I’ve observed that people like to keep things fun and modern. Creativity is needed to usher in new ways of thinking.


My favorite topic is STRATEGY! I can talk about goal setting and strategy all day long. I also understand strategic planning and ideation do not come naturally to everyone. I am more strategic than creative. I have to force myself to push the envelope at times. However, I can flow for days when it comes to thinking through complex problems and crafting solutions.

A strategy is a guide for your goals!

If you have trouble with strategy and planning, please connect with me for support and consulting.

To Wrap it Up

Moms, we can learn a lot from our motherhood journey. Watching our kids can amplify several life lessons and shine a light on some important qualities that we should lean on. If you are a mom looking to make an impact and be successful, I encourage you to glean from the insights above where applicable in your own life.

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