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The Best Planning Technique for Busy Mom

To avoid the mommy struggle bus, I’ve implemented a new planning technique that I think is the best technique for busy moms, like us.

Catchall planning technique for a successful week

This week is going to be another busy week. I feel like I say that a lot these days but it’s true. To avoid the mommy struggle bus, I’ve implemented a new planning technique that I think will be one of the best techniques for busy moms, like us.

This technique is actually pretty simple and did not take too much time to implement. The longest part of the process was organizing my school assignments for my doctoral program, but that’s because I’m still wrapping my mind around this whole operation— send prayers!

The technique is catchall planning, but I like to refer to the process as planning holistically. This week I added inserts to my weekly planner spread to account for school and my business operations.


Leveraging this technique gave me a better view of my week and helped me to prioritize much better than I have in the past. There are some tasks that I will group (not multi-task) to streamline activities that I would have missed with any other planning technique.

Additionally, this was a fun and creative process that left me motivated and empowered to tackle the week! You can watch the Plan with Me Video HERE or linked below!

I’m learning it’s ok to shake it up sometimes to increase efficiency!

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