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How to Plan a Memorable Summer Vacation

I've curated quite a few memorable summer vacations for our family and I am excited to share some tips with you all today.

Summer Vacation Planning Family of 5

Summer is here! The days seem to be moving so fast that it is actually extremely hard for me to keep up. I didn’t ever realize that summer rolled it on Tuesday, June 21st. Although I am down for a vacation at any time of the year, summer is most synonymous with vacation. I’ve curated quite a few memorable summer vacations for our family and I am excited to share some tips with you all today.

Vacation Pre-Planning

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I’ve found that our most memorable vacations have something for everyone. With a family our size, family of 5, it can be challenging to ensure there are activities for everyone, but it is doable. My son is not a fan of loud activities and character, my oldest daughter loves glitz and glam, and my middle daughter enjoys ninjas and super heroes. This creates quite the interesting planning scenario.

This is where preplanning plays a big part in where we vacation and the types of activities we book. Prior to selecting our destination, I take a moment to think thought the mix of activities that we will need and seek out locations that can accommodate.

From there, I list out a few possibilities. My husband and I discuss the options while factoring in things such as our budget, the number travel days available, and other priorities. This process helps us to narrow our focus and make our decisions.

Vacation Budgeting

Setting a budget for vacations provides guardrails when planning. This is so hard for me because I love to travel, I love to eat and try new food, and I love new experiences. I’ve learned the hard way that planning and budgeting should go hand in hand.

Overspending or over planning when the budget is tight or funds are unavailable creates unnecessary stress. Lack of financial stewardship does not create vacation memories that last a lifetime. A vacation that breaks the bank does not create fond memories.

Summer Vacation Planning Video

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To Wrap it Up

There are a number of ways that you can create a memorable and magical vacation experience for your family. Planning and budgeting require some legwork ahead of time but it helps to create those lasting memories we all desire.

Happy Vacation Planning

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