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Returning from Summer Vacation: How Working Mothers Can Transition Smoothly

It's summer vacation season! In today's post, let's discuss how to handle work transitions after summer vacation.

How to handle work after summer vacation

It’s summer vacation season! For working families, this is the opportune time to kick back, relax, and enjoy some amazing adventures. For most children, summer is synonymous with summer break making it the most ideal time to take family vacations. This year, like many families, I feel as if I am making up for “lost” time by vacating and staycating more frequently this year. This equates to a lot of days off. In today’s post, let’s discuss how to handle work transitions after summer vacation.

Before You Go on Summer Vacation

One of my pet peeves is returning to work from vacation or time off only to find that the individual(s) who was my designated backup let my work pile up for me to take care of upon return. I sometimes found myself asking, “what is the point of a backup if they are not going to back me up?”

Based on prior experience, I’ve learned to set clear expectations and delegate effectively prior to signing out for vacation. Returning to work only to find a long list of to-do’s that piled up leads to immediate post-vacation stress. Any relaxation that was achieved goes out the window.

Get ahead prior to your days off

To combat the workload mentioned above, plan ahead. I keep a calendar of due dates. I prepare for needed work and communicate my absence to stakeholders prior to my departure. I’ve noticed that this helps to minimize the workload when I return. Being proactive and planning ahead is helpful.

Post Vacation Must-Do List

To transition smoothly from vacation, start by checking in with your support persons, or backup. Get the scoop on hot topics and urgent requests that need to be actioned. From there, follow up with your manager, and then relevant stakeholders.

Try this flow prior to checking emails and listening to voice messages. In doing so, you will be able to more easily identify emails that can be deleted or archived and top priorities.

Prioritization is key

To ensure a smooth transition back from vacation, create a priorities list before diving into the workload. Prioritize and business as usual (BAU) meeting and then start to tackle any open items that were not addressed during your time away.

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