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Simple Monthly Budget Tracker

Here is how I set up my monthly budget tracker to account for kids' activities, travel plans, and inflation.

My go-to budget planning technique for tracking my expenses

Last month was chaotic when it came to our family finances. I shared here on the blog and on my YouTube Channel that I encountered a few mistakes and missteps financially. It all points back to the fact that I was not diligent with creating our monthly financial plan and our budget tracker. I have come to rely on a systematic approach to managing our finances that includes keeping a close eye on spend and due dates. Last month, I slipped and paid the price for such a mistake.

In today’s post, I am sharing my go-to budget planning technique for tackling our family expenses.


It all starts with a plan

Planning helps with both organization and accountability. A lack of planning, a witnessed from my own struggles, leads to dysfunction. Budget planning is one of many planning techniques that I rely on. Organizing our family finances on a typical month, a good month, includes goal setting, a holistic view of our spending, payment tracking, and debt updates.

Creating a monthly budget tracker

Here is how I set up my monthly budget tracker to account for kids’ activities, travel plans, and inflation. Budgeting during inflation and budgeting during a recession requires a close eye on spending. This is a simple way to manage a family budget each month. I am using my Erin Condren Life Planner as a DIY Budget Planner.

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