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Monthly Budget Plan with Me

Monthly Budget Plan with Me. Here is a hard lesson in budgeting that I learned last month and how I intent to recover.

July 2022 Budget Planner Spread in my Erin Condren Life Planner

I leverage a paper planner and an excel spreadsheet to manage our family finances. It helps me to stay organized and allows me to assist our family with financial stewardship. Last month, however, I was not diligent with managing our budget. The consequences were almost detrimental. Thankfully we have a pathway to recovery.


Long story short, I somehow managed to pay our mortgage twice. Not once but twice. It is our most considerable expense by far. I share more about this occurrence in the YouTube Video below.

This was a hard lesson for me and solidified for me that sticking to a plan and having a tracking system is key. Until we get to a place where we have a sound financial flow, this is the life we must live and steward well.

Check out my video below for the full story, tips, and how I intend to rebound from the month of June.


The planner I use for budgeting is the Erin Condren Life Planner. I customize the sections to help me with budgeting, tracking, and financial analysis. You can purchase this planner and save 10% for new customers HERE!

Watch Budget Plan with Me Video

July 2022 Budget Planner Setup

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