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Plan with Me: Walmart Budget Planner Setup

I consider the Walmart Budget Planner the best budget planner for beginners and moms looking to take control of their finances.

Best budget planner for beginners

One of the best planners from my local Walmart is the Pen + Gear Budget Planner. It’s very functional and easy to use. Additionally, it has several pre-populated categories for you to track your expenses. For these reasons and aesthetics, I consider this planner the best budget planner for beginners.

Budget Plan with Me

I post budget-related videos on my YouTube Channel often. With my background in finance, these types of videos are my favorite.

Budget Plan
Budget Plan with Me

I also enjoy helping other families practice financial stewardship and to build generational wealth while still enjoying life. With anything, managing family finances requires balance. It’s all about finding the right mix of financial activities that are going to be best for the family. I’ve found that financial stewardship is not one size fits all. Therefore, I share a mix of resources, tips, and planners with my audience.

Walmart Budget Planner Video

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In my latest “Budgets Plan with Me” Video I share our latest financial landscape as well as some of our goals while setting up this planner.

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