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Back to School Planning: Elementary School

In today's post, I am sharing some ways working moms can plan for a smooth transition back to school this fall.

Here are some ways to navigate the dually exciting and stressful Back to School transition

It’s Back-to-School season! You can walk into any mainstream store and know it’s time for kids to head back to school and for college to resume. As a working mother, back to school season is a time of excitement and stress. During the summers we are more chill and go with the flow. From late drop-offs to skipping camp days out of convenience. Everything is fair game in the summer. My motto is Bob Marley & The Wailer’s Lyrics to “Three Little Birds”.

“Don’t worry about a thing
‘Cause every little thing gonna be all right
Singin’: “Don’t worry about a thing
‘Cause every little thing gonna be all right!”

Bob Marley & The Wailers Lyrics
“Three Little Birds”

In today’s post, I am sharing some ways working moms can plan for a smooth transition. If your family is already in back-to-school mode, let me know in the comments.

Planning is your lifeline

Planning is extremely helpful, especially amidst transitions and new beginnings. Having order and structure helps to minimize stress and reduces burnout. I can recall one year when I let my to-do list pile up on me in mid-August. It led to total chaos and confusion. It all worked out in the end, thankfully. But the stress to get to a steady state was not fun.


This year, my trio will all be in elementary school. Wow! This will be the first and last year they will all be together. It’s exciting that we will only have one drop-off location (insert praise break).

Extracurricular activities for Elementary School age

To prepare for the fall we are being very selective in terms of which activities we sign up for. Similarly, we are very intentional about dates and times. I shared in my last blog post, I’m Going Back to School for my Doctorate Degree: Full-time Working Mom – Career Mom Community, that I am also returning to school to pursue my doctorate. The days will indeed be long and the nights rigorous.

Pro Tip: Plan out your week at a glance before signing up for activities. This will give you a view into how your time during the weeks will be allocated.


I do believe that elementary school age is a great introduction to sports. It’s also a time when children develop the skills they need should they choose to pursue high levels of performance in certain sports and activities in the future.

We’ve all heard the stories of professional athletes, musicians, and the like sharing that it takes years (literally) to master a craft. As a parent, I don’t want to miss out on these formative years but I am also sensitive to the fact that we only have so much time in a day as a family to go around.

Right now we are exploring Taekwondo, Gymnastics, and Ninja Warrior Track Out Camps this fall. We may add dance to the mix depending on timing but we’re not pushing the envelope.

Planning our Days

Planning our days first starts with setting goals for our family. Planning the school year, planning the months, and then days. From there, I get much more specific, at times, and plan the times within each day. This method is often referred to as Time Block Planning. Learn more about Time Block Planning!

To Wrap it Up

Whatever planning technique you choose, I encourage you to stick with it. Allow planning to become commonplace and a daily practice for you. Trust me, it helps with time management and organization. It is also beneficial to both you and your family.

Happy Planning Y’all – Debranetta

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