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I’m Going Back to School for my Doctorate Degree: Full-time Working Mom

I'm going back to school for my Doctorate!! Here's a quick run down of what I am doing to prepare myself for Back to School.

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How to transition yourself during back to school season

It’s that time of year. The shelves at Target and other stores are filled with Back to School and Back to College supplies and marketing pop-ups. I can not believe how fast the summer flew by. I feel like I should squeeze in one more vacation before this next transition. The funny part is that I too am going back to school for my Executive Doctorate in Business Administration. So, it’s almost the end of the summer and time to transition for our entire family. Here’s a quick rundown of what I am doing to prepare myself for Back to School.

A bit of history…

Y’all, I love learning and have always known that I wanted to achieve the highest level of knowledge in my field as a child. As I went through high school and college, I started to realize that a doctorate was achievable. I watched my older brother go through his doctoral program straight through. That was not my desired option but I always knew I’d return to finish what I dreamed of.


Fast forward to last 2021, the thought of going back to school for my doctorate started to weigh heavy on me. I grow in my career and was finally on track to becoming a leader. I had been leading several large-scale initiatives and knew my turn was coming. With that in mind, among other things such as my family dynamics, long-term career goals, and more, I know taking years away from corporate to pursue a Ph.D. was not my desired path. This helped me to narrow my focus and choose a Doctoral program over a Ph.D. program.

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A new journey – pursuing my Doctorate

This journey is super exciting and scary all at once. I am looking forward to a new challenge and the possibilities that will unfold as a result of my taking on this new endeavor. I can already tell that the class work is going to be intense and the nights are going to belong. I am expected to dedicate 25-30 hours per week to study in order to be successful over the next 3-years. Wow!

Doctoral Candidate
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My back-to-school transition

To prepare me for this journey, I have started to switch up a few routines to accommodate new demands. My time is going to be more limited. As if moms have a ton of available time to start with.

In addition to shifting a few routines, I am working out my support. I have been seeking creative ways to have in-home support such as a “mother’s helper”. In our area, this is not very common, but I am hopeful that we will be able to figure out a support framework that is going to work for our family.

To wrap it up

I don’t have it all figured out but as I learn and discover new insights, I will share them here on the blog. This journey is going to be an adventure and I’m sure filled with peaks and valleys, but I am here for them all!

Chat soon…


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