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The Best Planner for Professional Women

Organization systems such as planners, help busy professional moms get and stay organized.

January is Get Organized Month

I love planners and all things planning! According to National Today, January 2022 is “Get Organized Month”. Planners are a huge component of organization, time management, and life management. Organization systems such as planners, help busy professional moms get and stay organized. You can read more about “Get Organized Month” here GET ORGANIZED MONTH -January 2022 – National Today. In today’s post, I am sharing the best planner for Professional Women.

I’ve used a ton of planners over the years. My love for planning goes way back. When I was a kid, I would journal a lot and kept a ton of notebooks. There were times when I even made my own using printer paper and staples. DIY planners and journals made the best planners and journals!!


The Best Planner for Professional Women – The Simply Yours Day Planner

My 2022 Simply Yours Day Planner is my 5th planner from Planned & Proper.  Yes, I have used this planner for 5 years.  It’s a great planner for professional women.  You can learn more about Planned & Proper on their “About” tab on their website. 

Here is a quick snippet about the owner and brand:

My heart is serving professional women who seek excellence in their careers and their families. Being Planned & Proper means showing up in life ready to thrive, and ready to serve.

Simply Yours Day Planner

Top 5 things I enjoy about using this brand:

  • The goal setting section helps to give guidance and structure to big dreams and goals
  • You can choose from various weekly layouts
  • The quality is top notch and very durable
  • The accessories complement the planner very well
  • The writing areas are substantial enough to capture notes and jots

If you have not purchased your 2022 Planner, I highly recommend this brand. The design is elegant and it is perfect for intentional living.

Check out this unboxing video and quick flipthough video!

What’s your favorite planner?

Let a comment and let me know what your favorite planner is. Have you tried the Simply Yours Day Planner?

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