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How to Plan Your Best Year Yet

Here are some simple steps to plan your best year yet!

Planning tips for purpose-driven moms looking to accomplish big goals!

So, you’ve set your goals. You’ve created your vision board. You’ve given 2022 a “word for the year”. Now what? How are you going to position yourself to have the best year yet? In today’s post I am going to share planning tips for purpose- driven moms looking to accomplish big goals. Here are some simple steps to plan your best year yet!

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The Best Year Yet

Let’s start with mindset. It’s an important part of goal setting and our ability to accomplish big dreams. Take some time to :

  • Let go of limiting beliefs
  • Create affirmations to live by
  • Know that “…all things are possible…” – Matthew 19:26

I am a firm believer that each person should set their own standards and definitions of success. One person’s “best year yet” can and will look different from another. And it should!

Before you start the planning process for your goals, it’s important to understand how you will measure success. This way you will know if you are remaining on course. Measuring success also helps with accountability and consistency.

Ask yourself? What does my best year look like?

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Planning Tips

After completing the inner work that is needed to accomplish goals, it is time to start planning. Start with the end in mind and determine the steps you need to take along the journey to accomplishing your goals.

Motherhood is a constant juggle of competing priorities. Therefore, it is important to access the entire year and the timeline for each and every goal. Additionally, make sure your goals are in SMART goal format with an emphasis on the “R” – Realistic.

Setting realistic goals helps to prevent burnout and disappointment for working mothers. If you desire to have your best year yet, set goals that are ambitious yet still realistic. Realistic goals fit your circumstances, capacity, and capability. I’m not suggesting that we limit ourselves, but we should be real with ourselves. Limiting mindsets will get us nowhere as will overextending ourselves.

It might be helpful to set goals at various levels. What I mean by this is setting milestones for your goals. This way you can say, “when I get to this level, I will push myself to the next level”, and so forth. This approach will allow for you to stretch yourself without feeling defeated if you don’t get to that grandiose level.

Essentially, these levels become stair steps that you take along the journey. I know you’re probably thinking, “but life is rarely lateral”. And you would be correct, however, I believe growth can be:

  • Sideways then up
  • Backwards then up
  • Pause then up

Ultimately, momentum is still going, and goals are still being accomplished.

What Can You Handle?

If you want to have the best year yet, determine what you can handle. Life over the past two years has been wildly unpredictable. For many the uncertainty led to pivots, changes and setbacks. Kudos to you reading this for persevering through it all.

This mug (pictured below) captures how I felt most of 2020 and 2021. My brain had entirely too many tabs open and I often took on more than I could handle which led to overwhelm and burnout. Towards the latter part of 2021, I began pacing myself and started to feel more at peace.

If you have big goals, pace yourself and show yourself grace along the journey.

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Your Best Year Yet Awaits…

Your best year is waiting on you! Don’t just envision your success plan for it. Start taking the necessary steps to accomplish the things you have been called to do. Create a roadmap for your ambitions and begin moving towards them. Will there be detours, delays, and downtime? Yes, absolutely! Navigate through them as you pivot and adjust.

Think about it this way, a pilot has a flight plan that gives directions for the course. However, they may need to adjust as a result of unexpected conditions once they get in the air. However, it is rare that the journey will end even after changing courses. Somehow, someway, the airline is committed to ensuring that you reach your final destination.

Your destination is waiting for your arrival!

Happy Planning,


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