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The Best Fall Momcation Destinations

With fall quickly approaching, I've been pondering the perfect destination for an upcoming kid free vacation.

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Hey, mom it’s time for a break and refueling

I don’t profess to be a travel guru or travel agent extraordinaire. I am, however, the ultimate travel enthusiasts with a desire to travel to all 50 US and 10 counties by the time I turn 40. It’s an ambitious goal with little reasoning other than the fact that I want to see this beautiful world God created. I’ll digress from that to share my favorite type of vacation which, I like to call “Momcations”.

With fall quickly approaching, I’ve been pondering the perfect destination for an upcoming kid free vacation. In today’s post, I am sharing what I envision for my upcoming fall momcation.

What the heck is a Momcation?

A momcation is a break or vacation that provides mom with much needed down time from day to day responsibilities. Its a time to refuel, reflect, and to take part in much needed self-care.

At one point resorts and iconic destinations were offering packages curated for overworked and overwhelmed moms. I’ll link an article from the New York Times that highlights some of these options and provides more context around momcations.

I’ve taken a few mom breaks that have included:

A solo trip to Miami

A girls trip to Las Vegas

A weekend getaway to Charlotte, NC with a dope photo shoot for my brand

Just to name a few and to emphasize that the possibilities are endless.

Epic Fall Travel Destinations

Fall is my favorite season for several reasons. I’m the “pumpkin spice everything” type of mom! Not only that, but fall has the best weather, the best scenery, and the best overall vibe, in my opinion.

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Fall travel and activities

Fall travel can include a wide variety of activities that can be extremely enjoyable. It’s neither too hot or too cold for many popular US destinations.

Here’s what I have been envisioning:

  • hiking, NC Mountains
  • NYC food tour and photo shoot
  • San Antonio, TX River Walk exploration
  • Charleston history tour

Hiking is not something I’d historically gravitate towards. I guess you can say I’m evolving and embracing an adventurous side that I didn’t realize existed. As I think through what would be both relaxing and exhilarating, hiking certainly comes to mind.

I can also see myself sipping a spiced latte on a history tour of a bustling town full of history and hidden treasures.

Where shall I go for my next momcation??

Mentioned article, Momcations. It’s a Thing. – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

Which travel destination should I pick?

Typically my momcations are solo. However, during one vacation, I met up with a friend for lunch and walking around town. I do prefer solo momcations just to be free. No slight to my friends and family but there is something so liberating and free flowing about solo travel.

I’ll share more about my momcation selection in an upcoming blog post, so make sure you subscribe!

Chat soon – Debranetta

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