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Seven Journal Prompts for Overworked Moms

Journaling is a great way to enhance well-being and it allows us to narrow down on what is important at the moment.

Journal prompts to shift your mood and reclaim your focus

Have you ever experienced a rough workday? I don’t like to think of my days as “bad” but there have been days with so many lows it’s had to pinpoint the good. I am grateful that this is not my experience most days but there are seasons when I totally feel like an overworked mom. Especially in the workplace. My career is demanding and home life is naturally demanding. Add the two together and there you have it, overworked and overwhelmed.

In today’s post, I am going to share seven of my go-to journal prompts that have helped me to shift my mood and reclaim my focus. In my experience, a focus reset is often the perfect way to combat feelings of being overworked and overwhelmed. When I can think clearly and focus, I can better prioritize, defer, and delegate.

Being able to prioritize effectively enables me to not just shift my mood but to most importantly shift some things off my plate. This has proved to be a practical and sustainable way to combat being overworked.

Benefits of Journaling: Mood and Focus

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In this blog post, I shared 38 Ways to Use a Notebook – Career Mom Community. The best way to put a free writing notebook to use is by journaling, in my opinion. Journaling has several benefits. Journaling is a huge part of my morning routine and my go-to positive coping mechanism when I become frustrated.

Mood and Focus

There is something so comforting about being able to get my thoughts out of my head and onto paper. I have also noticed that I can focus and function much better after I spend time journaling.

Journaling is a great way to enhance well-being and it allows us to narrow down on what is important at the moment.

Journal Prompts for Overworked Moms

When I sit down to journal at times it can be difficult to think of where to start. Journal prompts are helpful in terms of providing a starting place for our minds to begin.

Journal Prompts

  • 10 things I am grateful for…
  • The most amazing part of my day was when…
  • I am thankful for my place of employment because…
  • Motherhood is full of blessings, today I am thankful for…
  • 5 specific ways God has shown his unconditional love for me in the past 3 months…
  • I enjoyed hearing my kids laughter when..
  • Because of my income and employment I can…

To Wrap it Up

Journaling can help to shift your mood and reclaim your focus. I encourage you to try the above prompts and let me know how impactful they are to your day and your life.

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