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38 Ways to Use a Notebook

Imagine using something as simple as a notebook to capture your journey, enhance productivity, and to house your memories!

Fun and Effecitve Ways to use a Notebook

Imagine using something as simple as a notebook to capture your journey, enhance productivity, and to house your memories! These are just a few ways that you can leverage a notebook to help navigate your motherhood journey.  In today’s post, I am going to share 38 ways to use a notebook.

“Paper is to write things down that we need to remember. Our brains are used to think.”

Albert Einstein

Career Mom Community recently released Deluxe Notebooks for purchase through the Career Mom Community Shop.  Notebooks are a great tool to help working mothers to live a more organized and stress-free life.  There are also some fun and fabulous ways to use the beautifully designed Career Mom Community Notebooks that I will discuss later in the blog.

About the Notebooks

The interior of each notebook is the same.  The Pray. Plan. Prosper. Repeat Deluxe Notebook comes in a blush pink color with gold lettering.  The J.O.T Journal of Thoughts Deluxe Notebook comes in black with gold lettering.  The faux leather cover has a smooth and luxurious feel.  The interior of each notebook includes card slots, a double tassel page divider, and a slip pocket on the back interior panel. 

Each notebook comes with a matching pen that can be stored in the double pen loop.  The double pen loop will keep the notebook securely closed. 

38 Ways to Use a Notebook

Writing things down is a practice that has stood the test of time. Countless studies prove that writing things down increases productivity, effectiveness, and memory. I’m a fan of notebooks, planners, and all types of stationery. I’ve used notebooks for many of the methods that I will describe below.  Trust me, you really want to give these methods a try!

  1. Affirmations
  2. Habit Tracking
  3. Food Log – Health/Wellness Journey
  4. To-Do List
  5. DIY Planner Spreads
  6. Story Writing
  7. Bill Tracking
  8. Expense Tracking
  9. Budget List
  10. Goal Setting
  11. Self-care Journaling
  12. Church Notes
  13. Meeting Notes
  14. Record Keeping (such as contact)
  15. Business Project Planning
  16. Mind Mapping
  17. Brain Dumping
  18. Recipe Book
  19. Gratitude/ Thankful Sentiments
  20. Blog Log
  21. Influencer Metrics and Tracking
  22. Travel Journaling
  23. Nature Notes
  24. Counseling/ Therapy Notes
  25. Fitness Tracking
  26. Vision Journaling or Board
  27. Event Planning
  28. Time Tracking
  29. Catch All Planning
  30. Business Ideation
  31. Business To-Do’s
  32. Journaling
  33. Vacation Planning
  34. Bucket or Dream List
  35. Scripture or Bible Journaling
  36. Stock Trends
  37. Memory Keeping
  38. Calligraphy or Lettering

Check out this detailed review and flip through video.

Endless Possiblities

The possibilities are endless! Let’s take mind mapping and brain dumping for example.  You can learn more about what a Brain Dump is in this VIDEO.  A mind map is a creative way to brainstorm information.  You can also identify how different tasks or scenarios are interconnected. To begin a mind map, start with a central focal point and create your branches to highlight sub-topics and ideas.  You can leverage a page or two from your notebook to create the mind map.

Now that my kids are getting older, I love to journal their childhood memories.  Journaling in durable notebooks also creates amazing keepsakes that document our lives for generations to come.

How do you plan to use the Career Mom Community Deluxe Notebooks?

The quality is durable with a stunning and the perfect size for moms on the go!


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In today’s post, I am sharing different types of planning that are most helpful for working mothers.

This mom blog features practical tips and tools to help working mothers juggle family life, career, and business. I am a multi-passionate mom who enjoys inspiring other purpose-driven women to balance, grow, and succeed in life.

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