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How to Plan Your Work Week

Better plans lead to better days! In today's post, I am going to share some helpful ways working moms can plan their work week.

The working moms guide to better plans and better days

It’s important to plan your work week. Planning is a helpful practice that leads to increased productivity, better time management, and reduces stress. I believe planning is one of the primary reasons that I can juggle competing priorities and control the chaos. In today’s post, I am going to share some of my work week planning tips.

Thriving Motherhood

These tips are for working mothers who are looking to move beyond surviving in motherhood to thriving. Another word that I like to associate with thriving is flourishing. By definition “thriving” is to be successful or make steady progress

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To me thriving in motherhood includes making progress towards goals, living a balanced life, and enjoying the journey!

Work Week Planning Tips

When I coach moms, I always encourage them to plan their weeks. I get that planning is not everyone’s cup of tea but I highly encourage it. My motto is “Career Moms are purpose-driven women who rely on intentional planning, strategy, and grace.”


Work Week Planning Tip #1

Account for everything in your calendar. I’ve found it super helpful to plan holistically. Before the week kicks off I account for work commitments, kids’ activities, time blocks to work on my business, and everything else.

Work Week Planning Tip #2

Find a planning technique that is going to work for you and create accountability.

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Work Week Planning Tip #3

Assign deadlines to your task. For me, it is motivating to be able to physically check off a to-do. It not only gives me a sense of accomplishment but it also gives me the motivation to keep pushing towards other goals.

Work Week Planning Tip #4

Don’t over commit. If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed while you are planning your week, that is a red flag.

Work Week Planning Tip #5

Purposeful prioritization is key. Number tasks in order of importance to help maintain your focus throughout the week.

Better Plans and Better Days

Finding your rhythm when it comes to planning is the foundation for a successful work week, in my opinion. If you struggle with planning, time management and organization, I invite you to sign up for a 1:1 Session. Let’s chat about options.

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