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Every Mom Should Use a Planner

Since it’s National Planner Day, I am highlighting five benefits of using a planner as a working mother with numerous priorities.

Top benefits of using a planner for organization and time management

Happy National Planner Day. Planners are my go-to organizational and time management resource that I keep at the forefront of my working mom tool kit! August 1st, National Planner Day, is a special day for planner lovers and enthusiasts. It is a time to celebrate our love for all things planning.  I believe every mom should use a planner, whether digital or paper. Today’s post will highlight the top benefits of using a planner for organization and time management for busy moms.

Planning involves documenting action steps needed to accomplish a goal or to meet an obligation. Time management is how one divides their time. I’ve shared in a previous post how the two are interconnected. Both are essential for working mothers juggling several priorities throughout the day.

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Benefits of Using a Planner – for Busy Moms

Listen, I know busy mom life. Between keeping up with a demanding work schedule, navigating life as a mom of 3 kids and 1 bonus son, and all the other things that life sends my way. The days can easily become overwhelming and chaotic. Left unchecked, chaos leads to burnout.

Bouncing back from burnout takes a level of intentionality and dedication that can be avoided or mitigated from the beginning.

Here are 5 key benefits of planning for working mothers:

  • Minimizes overwhelm
  • Leads to effective time management
  • Enables moms to accomplish their goals without burnout
  • Maintains organization

Minimizes Overwhelm

Planners allow you to visualize commitments. It also allows moms to prioritize and pivot when needed. For me this has helped to reduce stress because I can either resolve “hey, this week is not too bad” or I can resolve to shuffle some things around to avoid overcommitting and getting overwhelmed.

Effective Time Management

Leveraging organizational tools serves as a time management tool. I keep my appointments documented on paper and digitally. The truth is, not using my planner contributes to my downfall during extremely busy weeks. I have to stay on top of my time blocks, appointment times, and commitments to remain successful.

Goal attainment

My favorite planner, the Simply Yours Day Planner, has a goal-setting section to accompany each month. Planners also help mom to visualize their goals and the steps needed to get there.

Check out my review of this planner’s goal-setting section in the video below.

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I believe that planners were designed initially to assist with organization. My planners are like my personal assistants. When I dedicate the time to plan, I reap the benefits of my efforts in the long run.

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