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Worklife Balance

How to Balance Motherhood and Work

The concept of work-life balance evokes such emotion because it suggests something we all aspire to obtain but feel like we can't.

Simple ways to balance motherhood and work daily

Motherhood can be challenging. There is no manual and each mom’s circumstances and the journey are different. Moms have their own individual ecosystem of needs, commitments and priorities. Once you add a career into the mix life can easily become complex and overwhelming. I’ve settled on the following perspective after years of trial and error: implement simple ways to balance motherhood so that each day can be better than in the past.

Motherhood Perspective

A scripture that keeps me anchored is 2 Corinthians 3:18 “But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.”

I’ve heard this scripture preached and referenced in several different ways but the theme that resonates most with me is that in life we progress, transform and become better each day.

My motherhood journey has been filled with ups and downs lessons and opportunities. I’ve embraced them all. At the end of the day when I look back, I am thankful that I can honestly say I am a better mom, career woman, and more than I was yesterday.

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How to Balance Motherhood and Work

The term “Balance” get bet up a lot these days. Work-life balance is a term that catches a ton of heat as well. In my experience as soon as I mention the term work-life balance, people quickly rely “oh, that doesn’t exist”. One lady got angry with me for even using the word once, which I thought was just odd. But I digress.

I think the concept of balance and work-life balance evokes such emotion because it suggests something we all aspire to obtain but feel like we can’t. To me balance is not dividing time equally but I prefer the verb definition of balance, to make or keep steady: keep from falling. Source – Balance Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster

I think the key to balancing motherhood and work is to have the right perspectives. I touched on my overall approach to life above. As it relates to balance I don’t view it as equal, per se, but as maintaining a steady state. This can include working overtime one day and taking PTO the next to have intentional family time.

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For me, I recognize that the scale may tip during some days more heavily toward my work, and the next week the scale can tip more heavily towards my self-care.

Practical and Simple Approach to Balance

Here are 3 practical ways to balance motherhood and work:

  • Start by maintaining the right mindset
  • Plan your weeks and days ahead of time
  • Identify conflicting time commitments ahead of time through planning
  • Leverage PTO to take breaks
  • Take advantage of support services such
  • Seek wise counsel and mentors
  • Lean into routines
  • Delegate and defer when needed

These are simple and practical things moms can do on a daily basis to create balance so they can navigate their motherhood journey.

Let me know some practical ways in which you balance motherhood and work. I’d love to hear from my blog followers.

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