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Back to School Blues| Navigating our New Normal this School Year

Even though I'm experiencing the Back to School Blues, my goal is to cope and manage these transitions as best as I can so that my kids can still have an enjoyable experience.

In all honesty, I have a case of the “Back to School Blues” and I think my kids do too. 

Can you relate?

My kids last day of school/ daycare was on March 16, 2020. They have been home with me since then while I work remote.  You can read more about work from home mom life HERE

I know the past several weeks have been particularly hard for working families as we work to understand our districts back to school decisions and requirements. Across the nation schools have been holding press conferences discussing protocol and return to school logistics. For me personally, I found myself getting overwhelmed with the constant flood of information in the news and media.  In addition, I was receiving phone call updates as new information arose. I hit a breaking point and made the conscious decision to tune it out and take a break.  I let the update calls go to voicemail for a couple of days just so I could decompress.

That mental break was helpful and much needed. How did you manage the constant flow of information?  

I’ve had conversations with moms and/or discussed back to school topics in group chats on social media.  The return to school guidance is quite different from county to county and school to school (private schools).  I’m also noticing that the engagement model for homeschooling varies as well. Moms I’ve connected with have expressed a mix of emotions.  Since each of our circumstances are unique it can be challenging to relate and offer experience-based support. One thing we all acknowledge is this is our new normal for the long haul.

Many moms are experiencing the “Back to School Blues” in one way or another. Whether it’s apprehension about in-person learning, apprehension about distance learning or just mental fatigue caused by an overabundance of information, odds are you’ve experienced moments of the blues. 

Back to School Blues:

Feelings of sadness and fatigue related to return to school options

When you’re done reading head over to YouTube to watch my Back to School Haul videos

Typically, I’m excited to experience my kids back to school moments.  It’s a fun part of watching them grow and advance to new grade levels.  I enjoy back to school clothes shopping, organizing school supplies and capturing their back to school pictures.  This year my experience will be different.  My children will be home taking part in distance learning offered by their school. Since this is just a temporary decision (for the first 9 weeks) it adds another level of fatigue.  

Even though I’m experiencing the “Back to School Blues”, my goal is to cope and manage these transitions as best as I can so that my kids can still have an enjoyable experience. 

Here are 4 things to consider that will help you overcome the back to school blues:


It’s important to acknowledge how you are feeling so you can effectively move on from it.  The key here is to not sit in your undesired feelings for too long.

Don’t let the blues keep you down!

Continue to do the things you and your kids enjoy

I went to Michael’s and purchased a Back to School board so that we can still take the first day of school pictures. Don’t dismiss the small moments just because the dynamics have changed. 

I’m also doing some light back to school shopping.  My shopping experience will be virtual this year but as I look on the bright side, I find that it is more convenient. 

In the past, we would also do a back to school breakfast stop on the way to school. Traditions such as this can still continue.

Don’t become disgruntled

It’s one thing to acknowledge how you are feeling but try to avoid complaining.  I totally get that it’s hard, but in this season, hard decisions are inevitable. 

Plus you don’t wont your kids to hear you complaining about something they have to do.

Understand the requirements and ask questions

Regardless whether your kids are going back to school in-person, online or homeschooled, make sure that you understand the learning requirements and safety precautions. If something is not clear make sure you ask questions. 

My prayer is that you all stay safe and you find ways to enjoy your back to school moments!

“Small moments create memories that will last a lifetime”

– Coach D

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9 comments on “Back to School Blues| Navigating our New Normal this School Year

  1. Great advice! I’ve had to do all four of these things to remain balanced and present.

  2. Great advice. I’ve had to do all four of these things to remain balanced and present!

  3. It is a tough time. I think your advice is beneficial. We also went to Michaels to grab somethings for the school year.

  4. Even though we are doing remote learning here at home, I’m still bummed that its gonna be September soon and back to school. That time off since March was really nice!

  5. Even though we are doing remote learning this year I am still bummed about it being back to school time already!

  6. I’m not gonna lie, I have the back to school blues too! My son was in extended school year this summer and we pretty much only had this month to relax. We’re going back to school most likely via remote learning and I’m not sure how we’re gonna navigate that yet. These are great tips to stay positive in this season. Thank you!

  7. I love the don’t complain part. I try to practice that. You are right. We don’t like to hear our kids complain so we should definitely practice not complaining. Thanks for the advice

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