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Back to School Transition Tips

Even without a global pandemic, transitioning back to school can present some challenges.  Therefore, communication is key! 

Hey Mamas, It’s back to school time.  Are you ready?

If your kids are already back in school, perhaps year-round, drop a survival tip in the comments of this blog post!

Would you believe me?

Would you believe me if I told you my kids have been home with me since the start of the pandemic while I work remotely? Shout out to all the moms juggling a billion different responsibilities, regardless of what they are!

You are doing a fantastic job, please don’t forget to show yourself grace.

– Debranetta (Coach D)

I’ll never forget when we experienced the pandemic shut down in March of 2020.  I’ve been working from home and my children have been home as well.  Going into this upcoming school year, my older children will remain virtual, and my youngest will return to school.  It’s going to be a transition for all of us. Believe me, I am preparing my heart and my mind in advance.

The past year and a half has been a mix of:

  • Flying by the seat of our pants
  • Organized chaos
  • Desperate determination
  • Planning and preparation

Honestly, no day has been the same, but we made it! I also suspect that this school year will be a slight mix of the same.  

In today’s post I will be sharing some back-to-school transition tips that will help ease you back into the flow of the school year.  Let’s dive in…

Take School Tours

My youngest will be starting a new school. I took him with me on the tour and look forward to meeting with his teacher to better understand the operations of their new school.  It will be a new experience for us all.  I also suggest you virtually “tour” online schools as well.  I missed our virtual town hall (#momfail) due to a conflict, but have watched the website videos and read teacher bios.  If you are a stay-at-home mom, perhaps you will find value in connecting with your pods or touring new working/learning spaces as well. 

Attending Open House events, District Town Halls, PTA Kick Off Meeting are other great ways to connect with your school as well.

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Over Communicate

Let’s face it, we are all transitioning in some way this season.  For many it might be time to return to the office, return to in person learning, transitioning back to some form of normalcy, and more.  Even without a global pandemic, transitioning back to school can present some challenges.  Therefore, communication is key! 

Find creative ways to check in with your children to gauge how they are feeling about the back-to-school transition.  Are they nervous, anxious, apprehensive, excited, or experiencing other feelings? Simple questions such as, “What types of characters would you like on your lunch box” will give you a sense of their excitement or lack thereof. 

Keep them in the know…

Keeping our children, both young and old, in the know helps to keep them calm and in line with what needs to happen.  If your children are younger, communicating with them frequently helps to minimize a ton of questions in the middle of the transition. 

Transitioning back to school does not have to be chaotic.  Yes, it can present different challenges, but these tips can help you to navigate during this tip.  Let me know in the comments how you will implement these tips!

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