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2022 Goal Setting Tips for Purpose- Driven Moms

In today's post, I'm sharing my tried- and- true goal setting tips that will set purpose- driven moms up for success all year long.

How to set effective goals for the new year

Y’all, this year is almost over! Can you believe it? I’ve started posting my 2022 Success Tips on social media and it hit me. The new year is almost here. In today’s post, I’m sharing my tried- and- true goal setting tips that will set purpose- driven moms up for success all year long.

Each year my goal setting practices have evolved. I’ve both loved and benefited from my growth in this area.

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Goal setting is important for moms. Our goals help to keep us anchored when life gets busy, overwhelming, and chaotic. In addition to serving as an anchor, our goals give us a place of reference and reflection.

I’m a huge advocate of goal setting. I have even made it one of my life’s missions to empower other working mothers to set effective goals and to plan so they can live a more organized life that they enjoy.


As we approach the new year, I’m sure you’re starting to reflect on 2021 as you transition your focus towards what you would like to accomplish in 2022. Here are three (3) goal setting tips for working moms.

2022 Goal Setting Tip #1 – Set goals for each area of your life

When goals are too general, they get lost in the shuffle. Set clear goals for various areas of your life if you want to see real results!
– Career Mom Community

As a busy mom, you’re probably up to your eyebrows with to-dos and activities that you must manage. Trust me, I get it! It’s still important to set goals even in the midst of everything that you have going on. Otherwise, your to-do’s can become burdensome. You can always connect your laundry list of to-dos to your goals.


Goals A: Save $8,000 towards xyx by October 2022. This goal will help to drive your spending activities and help to adjust your lifestyle to accommodate accomplishing this particular goal.

Goal B: Work out 4 days a week for 45-minutes. In this case fitness becomes a goal and not just a to-do. It shifts the mindset from “something I need to do” to “something I am striving towards”.

2022 Goal Setting Tip #2 – Set Success Standards

If you set clearly defined goals using a format such as S.M.A.R.T Goals, you can easily measure success. How you determine success will keep you from mission drifting and distractions.

In my blog, My Top 10 Rules for Success – Career Mom Community, I shared that I measure success based on my faith, my motivation, and my ambition


2022 Goal Setting Tip #3 – Carry- forward Unmet Goals

Do you have prior year unmet goals? If so, carry- forward these goals into the new year. Who says that December 31st is the end all be all for our goals?

In fact, keeping goals transitional year over year is not a bad practice. If you make incremental strides towards your true end state, it can be beneficial to allow goals to build upon itself from year over year.

For me, I have a fitness and a family goal that I will carry-forward into the new year.  I had a few strides towards the family goal, but the fitness goal was a total flop.  Can you relate?  Let me know in the comments.  This already gives me two goals for the new year. 

Additionally, when you carry-forward goals from one year to the next, it’s important to not overextend yourself with other goals and risk goal setting fatigue.

What next?

Take some time to reflect on what you have accomplished thus far. As a purpose-driven mother, I’m sure you have numerous wins you can pull from as motivation for your future. Big or small, a win is a win!

My encouragement to allow purpose to be your guide as you set your goals for 2022. If you need goal setting coaching, I’m just one scheduling click away.

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This mom blog features practical tips and tools to help working mothers juggle family life, career, and business. I am a multi-passionate mom who enjoys inspiring other purpose-driven women to balance, grow, and succeed in life.

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  1. Great tips! Thank you. I can definitely relate to the exercise goal. That is one I will carry into 2022!

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