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10 Must Do Christmas Activities

"Do you hear what I hear?" The sounds of Christmas! Here are the top 10 fun and festive Christmas activities the whole family will love!

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Fun and Festive Holiday Activities for the Whole Family

“Do you hear what I hear?” The sounds of Christmas! Now that Thanksgiving is done, and our bellies are full, it’s time to bring out the mistletoe, deck the halls, and trim the tree. Here is a list of 10 Must Do Christmas Activities that your family will love!

I was reviewing my PTO allotment last month and realized that I still had a ton of “use them or lose them” PTO days. My company has a certain number of days that we can carry over from year to year. Anything beyond that, you will forfeit if you do not use them. Here I am scrambling to book my days, ensure coverage, and take time off. What better month to take time off than December so that we can enjoy Christmas activities!


Whether you’re in my shoes with a number of days to take or your planned to have time off in December to spend time with your family, there is fun to be had in December.

10 Must Do Christmas Activities

Make Fun and Festive Desserts Go to a Tree Lighting Festival
Enjoy a ParadeDrive- Through or Walk-through Light Show
Make Festive CraftsCookie Exchange
Setup a Photo Booth or Take Family PicturesHost a Party or Gathering
Enjoy a festivalGo to a Christmas Play
Fun and Festive Holiday Activities for the Whole Family

The holiday season if full of hustle and bustle but I encourage you to take time to enjoy these activities. The possibilities are endless within these categories. Here are the things that my family enjoys within each category.

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Our Family Picks

Make Fun and Festive Desserts – Making Gingerbread homes and trying new desserts that we find on the Food Network! Check out their list of 88 Best Holiday Baking Recipes.

Enjoy a Parade – If we don’t attend the local parade we watch one on TV.

Making Festive Crafts – This year we found a neat idea! We will create Snow Globes From Mason Jars! If you’re not feeling crafty you can go to your local Michaels Store and pick up some premade craft boxes to enjoy.

Here is a neat Amazon find! You can also enjoy making DIY ornaments!

Setup a Photo Booth or Take Family Photos – Don’t over think the setup. We just have fun taking pictures on our couch.

Enjoy a Festival – Whether it’s your church or city, make time to enjoy a holiday festival. We went to Winterfest at Nauticus in Norfolk, VA this year and I will share more about planning that trip on my blog, Coach D’s Planner Life.

Go to a Tree Lighting Festival – It’s the local festival for the win!

Drive- Through or Walk-through Light Show – Our favorite is the Holiday Lights at the Beach in Virginia Beach, VA.

Cookie Exchange – Our favorite to make is Chocolate Chip. We keep it simple! Oh, how I miss my office, Christmas Cookie/ Dessert Swaps.

Host a Party or Gathering – Get creative and host a fun celebration. If you do, be safe and take precautions.

Go to a Christmas Play – A few years back we went to see the Hip Hop Nutcracker and it was EPIC!

Get Creative and Enjoy

Whatever you do, please enjoy this time with family and friends. We’ve experienced yet another challenging year, but it’s important to focus on what matters most!

Happy Holidays from My Family to Yours!


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