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Types of Planning| Plan with Me

In today's post, I am sharing different types of planning that are most helpful for working mothers.

The most helpful planning for working mothers

While planning may require extra effort and discipline, that working moms may not readily have, the benefits in terms of chaos control, goal achievement, and personal satisfaction make it a worthwhile endeavor. As a bonus, planning for me is very decompressing and therapeutic. In today’s post, I am sharing different types of planning that are most helpful for working mothers.

Financial Planning & Budget Planning

Having a plan to achieve financial stability, save for major purchases, or invest for the future is something we should all do. At the most basic level, we should all at least maintain a budget plan on a regularly scheduled cadence.

Listen to this podcast episode for more tips on finances and wealth!!

Career Planning

What would planning tips from the Career Mom Community be without mention of Career Planning? As professionals, regardless of our work, we should all create a plan for career growth. This type of planning includes setting milestones and acquiring the necessary skills to accomplish goals.

Health and Wellness

This type of planning focuses on physical and mental health through scheduled activities such as exercise, diet, and self-care routines.

Life Events Planning

I will use this as an umbrella for life events such as family planning, relationship planning, and the like. Developing strategies for nurturing and strengthening relationships with family members, friends, or romantic partners helps to ensure space is created for the things and people who matter most.

Additional life events include retirement planning. This type of planning includes creating a plan for your retirement years, including financial preparations, lifestyle choices, and health considerations.

Household Planning

I will also use this category as an umbrella for home tasks and projects such as meal planning, decorative projects, and remodeling.

Personal Growth

Having set goals for personal development, such as reading more books, learning new hobbies, or improving emotional intelligence, just to provide a few examples, fosters satisfaction with life and overall happiness.

Leisure and Adventure Planning

Let’s talk about the adventurous side of planning! Travel planning is the most fun in my opinion. The process of curating epic memories with my children or selecting travel destinations is so much fun!

Check out my latest video for more examples, techniques, and planning types!

To Wrap it Up

Remember that effective planning involves setting clear goals, breaking them into actionable steps, and regularly reviewing and adjusting your plans as needed to ensure you’re on the right track toward achieving your objectives.

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