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Working Moms: How to Plan a Busy Week

We're busy moms! Too much fluffy wastes time and too little attention to a specific technique is ineffective.

Practical planning techniques for working mothers

Planning is my lifeline. If you follow this blog or my YouTube Channel I’m sure you know my love for planners, time management tools, and productivity-enhancing techniques. With a million and one things in flight at any given moment, being organized helps to reduce overwhelm and burnout. If I fail to plan during my busy weeks, chaos creeps in and causes frustration. I make a conscious effort to avoid this occurrence. I will share some practical planning techniques for busy moms in today’s post.

Why practical techniques? We’re busy moms! Too much fluffy wastes time and too little attention to a specific technique is ineffective. Practical in this context is synonymous with feasible and effective in real life.

There are several techniques that #busymoms can use to organize their week, manage their time and commitments.

I’m a fan of:
⏲ time block planning
✔ to-do list
❕brain dumps

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Practical Planning Techniques for Moms

I encourage moms to find planning systems and techniques that fit their personalities and preferences. In addition to the techniques that I listed above here are a few additional planning techniques, moms can lean into.

  • Batching: similar to time blocking where each day has a set of activities to complete
  • Digital Reminders: such as leveraging phone calendars and alarms
  • Routines: routines are repeatable activities that create structure for the day
  • Color Coding: color coding activities in a planner or notebook is a great technique for moms who are visual

To Wrap it Up

Practical planning helps moms with organization and systems that add structure to the day. Keeping planning techniques both practical and effective yields the best results.

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