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Plan the Most Productive Work Week

Simple things working mothers can do to plan for a successful and stress-free work week even if they don't like planning.

Plan your week for success and less stress

One of the ways to ensure the work week is a success is to plan in advance. There are some simple things working mothers can do to plan for a successful and stress-free work week even if they don’t like planning. Let’s explore some techniques and planning best practices in today‚Äôs post.

Why planning is important to moms

Dale Carnegie said it best, “An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing”. And this mom believes it to be true.

I set goals first then plan…

Planning has several benefits including helping with organization, prioritizing, and managing stress.

Organizational benefits to using a planner

If you look up any planner brand, most of them will amplify the organizational benefits of using a planner on their websites and social platforms. Why? Because that is one of the biggest and widely know benefits of using a planner. Planners help you to organize your life.

Prioritizing with a planner

I often keep a running to-do list in my planner. This helps me to pick and choose when and how activities will get scheduled into my day. When the list gets overwhelming I assess what is needed most in the moment and move forward with completing those activities first. This is the essence of prioritizing.

You can read more about maximizing productivity,effectiveness, and the tools working mothers can leverage to accomplish goals and succeed in this blog post Maximizing Productivity as a Working Mom – Career Mom Community.

Managing stress with a planner

When I can capture my to-do’s and scheduled activities, I can see where I need to be, what I need to get done, and when things are due. This alone provides relief. By planning ahead, I can anticipate any conflicts and immediately mitigate them, thus reducing future stress.


Plan a Productive Work Week

Planning a productive work week, in my opinion, evolves planning for all aspects of one’s life. If you knock it out of the park at work but flop at home, to me the entire week suffered. The inverse is also true.

As I plan my week, I remain mindful of my commitments. In the coming season, I will also have to factor in Doctoral school. We should avoid planning aspects of our lives in isolation. What this looks like is having some sort of catch all planner or a digital planner that captures all aspect of life. Everything from appointments to due dates. It’s also important to include goal milestones and memorable moments.

Let me know how you use your planner in the comments below.

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