Non-traditional Gift Giving Ideas

For your #mommyfriends, consider gifting them a "Mom's Day Off". This "gift" is both economical and I'm sure your mom friends could use a day to themselves while you watch their kids and/or take care of their chores.

In our home, we don’t go all out for Christmas.  We focus on serving others, spending time with family, and experiences. 

My kids get “stuff” ALL year long.  I legit had to stop taking them with me to Target…

We started a tradition a couple years back of taking them somewhere festive to celebrate Christmas.  This year we are going back to Christmas Town at Bush Gardens, Williamsburg. 

Christmas Town 2016
Christmas Town 2015 – Bush Gardens Williamsburg, VA

As I was thinking about this concept, I thought of other Non-traditional Gifts that will leave a lasting impression on your kids, family and friends for years to come.


I prefer experiences over things!  I also LOVE to travel, and my kids have caught the travel bug too. Trips make great gifts for adventurous kids.

In my earlier example, we are going to Bush Gardens this year and I included the Deck the Halls Dinner package as well for their gift. While we are there, each kid will also have a “budget” for souvenirs.

Other experience can include snow tubing, Disney, Cruises, local activities, and the list goes on.  The key is to figure what your kids will love, what fits in your budget, and what works best for your schedule, #mommytip. 

Experiences make great gifts for teens as well! 


Have you ever considered signing kids up for a special class as a Christmas gift?  This makes for a fun and unique option!

You can invest in a dance class, kids cooking class, private sports lessons, theater lessons, etc. 


Subscriptions are gifts that keep on giving.  Last year, I purchased my kids and my niece and nephew a subscription to Little Passports.  They LOVED it!  Each month they received a new box of activities.  I loved the fact that it was an educational gift and they learned something new each month!


Merry STEM’mas!  STEM toys are great gift ideas for kids.  They are both educational and fun!  This year, for my kids’ joint gift, I purchased the Fisher-Price Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot.  Sshhhh… don’t tell them!

There are a ton of STEM based gifts on the market.  Imagine a tree full of educational toys?! 

Family and Friends

It’s hard for me to think of gift idea for my family and friends, this year I will consider not traditional gifts for them as well.  Experiences are great for adults.  You can treat family and friends to dinner, a paint party, or fun activities.

Paint Party 2019 hosted by my friend! It was so much fun and festive!

A couple of years ago, my husband and I went to dinner and a play for our gift to each other. We highly recommend the Hip Hop Nutcracker.

Hip Hop Nutcracker

For your #mommyfriends, consider gifting them a “Mom’s Day Off”. This “gift” is both economical and I’m sure your mom friends could use a day to themselves while you watch their kids and/or take care of their chores.

I hope this helps you think outside of the box this holiday season.  It’s not to late to share memorable non-traditional Christmas gifts with your family and friends.

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  1. Passes to their favorite indoor activities.
    An activity date (skating, bowling, cooking class arcade) or mom/dads day exclusive date where it’s one-on-one time with your child.
    Books and/or photo book of them the past year (my children love these).

    I love the other ideas you presented.

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