10 Tips: Relentlessly Pursuing Your Dreams

Are you a dreamer?  What’s your passion and what are you doing with it?

Having your own dreams and setting goals is important to living a balanced #mommylife.

“Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.” – Napoleon Hill

I’m a big dreamer and I’m constantly setting BIG goals for myself.  As a person with deep faith, I’ve learned to also believe that the impossible is possible. 

Relentlessly pursuing your dreams means that you press forward no matter what. It means that you are persistent and consistent. Here are 10 tips to help you pursue your dreams and goals.

  1. Dare to Dream.
  2. Organize your ambitions. Ask yourself, what are my long- term dreams vs my short-term dreams? Tip: Look at your long-term dreams and break them down into smaller short-term components. Ask yourself, what can I do TODAY that will help me with my long-term goal.
  3. Organize your priorities. Focus on the priority of the task. For example, if you must finish packing orders by 4pm today to ship within your service window, that may take priority over stitching a costume for a school play next week.   
  4. Focus on your WHY and the motivation behind the dream.
  5. Leverage your support system.
  6. Find a mentor who has accomplished what you are looking to accomplish or a coach who has wisdom, insights, and/or the education to assist you.
  7. Find an accountability partner who will sincerely check in on you.
  8. Do your research.  Acquire the knowledge base and know how to be able to execute with excellence.
  9. Create a vision board and keep it in sight.
  10. Create an action plan or roadmap that will steer you towards success!

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Photo by Hakan Hu on Pexels.com

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