Best Day At Magic Kingdom
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The Best Day at Magic Kingdom

Leveraging lessons learned to navigate the Disney Genie+ we managed our time, experiences, and day extremely well at Magic Kingdom.

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Our memorable and magical Magic Kingdom park day

Our first park day was Epcot. We fumbled a lot as we tried to navigate our Genie+ park pass. Genie+ is the new fast pass system for the Walt Disney World Parks. We still managed to enjoy our day and I also gathered some valuable insight into how the app works. Our second park day was Magic Kingdom. I work up early ready to book our lightning lane but didn’t get our first attraction until 11:55 a.m. It was disappointing because I felt like I was still not getting the most out of the app. After all, it was an additional $15 per person, per day, on top of the park entry. I was determined to get my money’s worth. As I reflect on the day we had, I can honestly say it was truly magical and memorable for everyone.

Benefits of Rope Dropping Disney Parks

Getting to the parks right at opening, ie. when the rope drops for entry, is often referred to as rope drop or rope dropping. This allows families and guests to make the most of their park day, in my opinion. We were better able to settle into our day because we arrived early. The lines were manageable at the stroller rental stand and the view of the castle was epic. We were able to get a few uninterrupted pictures because the crowd was a bit light. Don’t get me wrong, it is Magic Kingdom during the summer so we didn’t have a VIP experience or anything but it was more enjoyable than the crowds we experienced in the evening.

Read the 6 Reasons to Rope Drop Disney Parks – Career Mom Community for more tips and insights into Rope Dropping!

Meeting Disney Characters

The line for characters at Magic Kingdom gets long. At one checkpoint, the line for Mickey at Town Square Theater exceeded 90 minutes. We were able to secure a lighting lane for Princess Tiana and a special friend in Fantasyland. Tiana was amazing and it was the best character experience.

Unfortunately, we were unable to meet other characters but cherished this in-person moment. Since we arrived early, we were able to see the character at the entry of the park and during one of the small parades.

The Food

The food at Magic Kingdom was pretty good. We enjoyed our reservation at Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen, Skipper Canteen for short. The best part about this meal was the Brazilian Cheese Bread and the Fried Rice with Shrimp. We did not opt for a character meal.

Frozen Lemonade and Fruit Punch Slush at Big Top Treats
Veranda Fried Rice at Skipper Canteen
Brazilian Cheese Bread at Skipper Canteen
Cheshire Paw at Cheshire Café

The Rides and Attractions at Magic Kingdom

We rode almost all of the rides and experienced many of the attractions. The only ride that we did not get on that my daughter wanted to ride was the Astro Orbiter.

I will share more in terms of our top pics in an upcoming blog post!

To Wrap it Up

We had the most magical day at Magic Kingdom. There was one downfall to our day that included some unruly guests but outside of that we really enjoyed our day. Between getting to the park early and leveraging lessons learned to navigate the Disney Genie+ we managed our time, experiences, and day extremely well.

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